International expert: it is — torture

February 28 former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich at a press conference that he was forced to sign a statement of cooperation with the KGB. Only on these conditions, it was released from the KGB prison on bail. Michalevic called the prison camp in the center of Minsk, where torture is taking place. How to react to these statements of opposition politician other former candidates.

Former presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski so answer the questions of "Freedom" — and suggested that he collaborate with the KGB? Or used during the arrest, torture?

"I totally understand that any thing that is said or signed by me can be used against me. Therefore, no things that I think are immoral, I did not. I sounded absolutely all the circumstances of my release. Those conditions are the things that were done, I sounded. And nothing more. If I was such a proposal, there is nothing that I consider immoral, I would not have done, I would have refused, in those circumstances in which I was.

On the second question — about the circumstances of my stay in jail — I also said earlier adequately and openly. This does not mean that I want to blame Ales Mikhalevich to lie. His words simply mean that to different candidates for each political prisoner ratio may be different. And to everyone apply the methods that are specifically for that person considered most effective. "

Deputy head of the Belarusian Popular Front Party, former presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou states that no proposals or threats, or even a bad word about him in the KGB did not hear:

"I was treated amazingly well. They said, "Please, get out of car, please, sit down, please, come." The first night after I refused to go to detention for interrogation without a lawyer. And the KGB did not insist, only one — told to sign a paper that without a lawyer refuse to answer questions.

Most worryingly, perhaps, for me, was when summoned to the KGB for interrogation after I filed a complaint with the CEC. And in conversations "about the life of" I sat there until two in the morning. I thought that I was there and close. But not closed.

As soon as I was detained, the first night of the KGB, I'm in a conversation with the investigators immediately said: guys, no obscene in my mind I will not sign papers. Do not even offer. This time, I was very surprised. Earlier, while I was detained many times, such as during the 2006 election, I for the smaller things, as they say, smeared on the walls naykapitalneyshym way. And then — I do not know why, but neither offers nor threats, even bad words to me were heard. "

Ales Mikhalevich comment on what his torture in the Belarusian KGB, I asked the representative of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus, the Russian expert Victoria Gromov. That's how she commented on the testimony of former presidential candidate from the point of view of international human rights:

"… Can be characterized as torture, to cruel treatment of people who are in prison. "

Gromov also a human rights activist said that the events of December 19 in Belarus starts OSCE Special Rapporteur Neil Zharman from the UK:

"This people will to draw conclusions about what happened on December 19, this action was violent or non-violent actions were adequate as far as the police, etc. "

As BelaPAN, head of the Information and Public Relations of the KGB Alexander Antonovich Michalevic refuted the statement of the conditions in the detention center, "As for the use of torture, this statement certainly does not correspond to reality." According to Antonovich more information he can give, after read the statement Michalevic.

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