Irkutsk scientists have developed a new program to monitor earthquakes

Quickly learn about the earthquake. Now, the opportunity was at Irkutsk scientists. At the Institute of the Earth's crust have developed a new program to monitor aftershocks. It gives a picture of what happened just a few minutes.

— It shows how to handle the earthquake that struck on 11 November. Was defined as time from the records of three seismic stations. That is the nearest seismic data is sent, it is Chara.

These screens all the latest seismic data Baikal and the surrounding regions. In near real-time information they convey all, even the very small tremors. If the data collection center figures come with at least three sensors, in five minutes professionals can see the full picture earthquake.

— Program starts automatically handle regional developments. Which allows to estimate the basic parameters of the recorded earthquakes, that is, determines the coordinates of the epicenter, origin time, energy class and magnitude, — the leading developer Baikal Branch of Geophysical Survey SB RAS, Irkutsk Technical University graduate student Maria Hritova.

This program has developed and brought to life the lead programmer of the Geophysical Service Hritova Maria. With the introduction of complex automatic collection of information on tremors, experts say, it has become much easier. See the full picture before the earthquake, they could almost an hour. Everything was done by hand. Specialist each receive and process seismic data. And then on the phone, radio or the Internet sent them to Irkutsk.

— Manual data from seismic stations were entered into the program, then there is a processing, that is, in the mean time the filing and processing of earthquakes we took about forty minutes, — the head of the central seismic station "Irkutsk" Alina Popkov.

And this is another invention of Mary Hritovoy. Scoreboard visualization earthquakes. Here is shown the strongest tremors lately — they were on October 30. Seen and small: for example, three days ago were a little excitement in Enchantment.

— It is convenient to what we see at once with what station it's report and the alleged epicenter. Cross, which shows us once again visually, where the earthquake struck, and appears characteristic of the earthquake, — the head of the central seismic station "Irkutsk" Alina Popkov.

However, for a full picture of the scientists do not have enough data from the population. The site of the Baikal Geodetic Survey has a special tab. If you feel an earthquake, experts are asked to go to their page and leave information on pushing. This will more accurately determine how the earthquake was felt in settlements.

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