Italian cavers explore the caves of Altai

Caving of the Italian delegation arrived in Sardinia and the Altai region went to a bicycle tour of the main tourist sites in the region for the study of caves and ethnic characteristics of the peoples of the Altai, told RIA Novosti the management of international and interregional relations.

According to authorities, a delegation of four members headed by the chairman of the Association of Caving Region of Sardinia, the project SUPRAMONTE Andrea Meloni.

"The head of the delegation was in the Altai region in 2010 and the planned route, which the delegation will travel on their own. This Biysk — Altai Mountains, Teletskoye, Belokurikha. Particular interest to the group are the caves of Gorny Altai," — said the source.

In addition, the Italians interested in the details of the indigenous peoples of the Altai, foreign visitors want to explore the history and traditions of Altai.

"All round the Italians will travel by bicycle, without interpreters, route length can be several thousand kilometers," — concluded the source.

In the Altai region Italian cavers visit the Denisova Tavdinsky caves on the route will pass through the Altai Republic.

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