Judgment day awaits humanity in 2014

"Judgement Day" for humanity will occur in 2014. On this, as the BBC, said Professor Nicholas Cambridge Bowl.

Scientists believe that at the beginning of each century there is a certain important event that decides the fate of the century. As proof of his theory professor cites historical facts: 1618 — year of the beginning of the Thirty Years War and in all following decades of religious strife in Europe. In 1815, Napoleon was overthrown, why, believes Bowl entire nineteenth century for Europe was relatively quiet. An important argument Bowl — beginning in 1914, the First World War and the tragedy of the twentieth century.

According to the professor, the current global economic crisis is a harbinger of the fateful events of 2014. Then, it is determined whether the 21-th century of peace and prosperity or humanity mired in violence and poverty.

Positive factor professor believes globalization: strengthening of interethnic relations will hold a dialogue within the global community. However, the decisive role played by the U.S. as the most influential in the country today. And much will depend on mutual understanding between the United States and the world.

Recall, according to the Mayan calendar Apocalypse happens 21.12.2012 year.

Researchers Mayan prophecies say that survive the end of the "Fifth Sun," as they called the era of the Indians will be able to only 0.5% of the population.

They start with a solar eclipse, when combined with a parade of planets and the subsequent passage of the disk of the sun across the plane of the galaxy. As a result, the Earth will shift the poles and the global flood. Change the vibration of matter that makes up all things. Only selected will move during the "Sixth Sun".

Note that in the last year on Russian screens appeared disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich's "2012", loosely based on the Mayan prophecy.

Recall also that the new Internet technology, which analyzes the different opinions on the Web, predicted the end of the world December 21, 2012.

According to George Jura, one of the sponsors Web-bot, their technology is able to predict the September 11 attacks with precision — the system reported that within 60-90 days after the June 2001 event will happen that will change the world.

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