Karachai-Cherkessia bear killed a man

BearKarachai-Cherkessia in Teberdinsky State Biosphere Reserve bear attacked people, one person was killed and another injured, reports "Interfax".

"The incident occurred the day before, when the employee was cleaning the reserve aviary bear. Animal attacked people. As a result, one person died from his injuries, another is in serious condition in intensive care," — said the representative of the Ministry of Interior agency KCR Tuesday.

According to him, the bear who attacked people shot by the reserve.

However, the deputy director of the reserve Yuri Sargsyan said the news agency that the victim is not an employee Teberda reserve. "The man was in the neighborhood, and probably heard the noise, went to the aviary. During this time the bear came out and attacked the man," — he said.

Sarkisian said that at present this fact is being service check. "Until a final decision is hardly the root cause of the accident," — said the deputy director of the reserve.

However, he explained that the reason that the animal was able to get out of the cage, could be negligence of the Reserve, which before the harvest loosely secured partition separating bear.

"In our reserve an attack on people animals did not happen a long time ago. Animal was healthy, he made all the necessary vaccinations. However be taken into account and the fact that usually in the fall bears can be aggressive. At such times, just need to comply with the necessary precautionary measures, "- said Sargsyan.

Meanwhile, according to Life News, and the dead and injured — the reserve staff. Paper calls the victim — 45-year-old Eugene Musatkin which actually cleaned the cage. The victim — 45-year-old Hadji Murad Akbayev senior aviary, who rushed him to help.

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