Kill a Sun Earth September 22?

Fall 2012 could be the last for mankind. At least, astrophysicists do not exclude this possibility.

This year, the sun seems to earthlings arranges a special surprise. On its surface there was "crack": it is a dark spot in the long 800 000 kilometers. Its total area is about one million square kilometers.

Most of us have heard about the so-called solar flares. However, according to astrophysicists, the flash generated by this patch, can surpass the power of all ever be emitted. And there it is, experts predict that very soon 22 September.

Spots, giving birth to the flash
Astronomers say that during the last 15 years, solar activity is on the rise. Scientists estimate this figure by the number of dark spots that appear on the surface of the star. According to modern astrophysics, dark or sunny spots occur in places where the matter of the star is captured magnetic flux. Stopped field plaza cools, resulting in an area of low temperature, the observer perceives as dark spots.

However, this process has a downside. Under the surface of the spot is heated solar plasma that is heated in the central part of the star, but he can not rise to the surface of the photosphere and lose energy in the form of radiation. Some time spot "boiling" around the formation of "pores" — of ultra-bright glow. However, they are unable to cope with the withdrawal of excess energy and, in the end, a spot explodes.

This explosion and experts called a solar flare.

The sun begins to boil
Scientists classify flash on power. The most dangerous is assigned an alphabetic index and the digital X factor — from one and up to indicate power output.

According to the observations of astronomers, since the mid 90's of the last century, the number of outbreaks is growing. If earlier the number of X-flares during the eleven-year period is only a few pieces, then at the beginning of the two thousandth they began to occur annually. The sun has set the first record in 2002. In July, at the stellar surface occurred four outbreaks: X3, X2, X4 and X5. Thus, for the moon shone "Run" perennial standards activity.

In 2003, on the surface of the star formed a group of spots. Nothing like this, astronomers have not seen on record. This conglomerate of scientists assigned number 486. October 29 group broke terrible flash. Plasma flow and neutrino emission was directed away from the Earth, but the solar wind, which reached the planet day later, "squandered" the International Space Station for 7 kilometers, has led to a powerful magnetic storm and brought down a number of electronic communication and navigation systems. The same stream broke flying to Mars Japanese probe "Nozomi", and possibly — European rover "Beagle 2", which later crashed on the surface of the Red Planet.

Accurately assess the power of emissions scientists could not, because the whole tracking equipment was out of order. The most powerful and stable sensors orbiting telescopes "blind" for 11 minutes, while others recover from for several days. It is estimated that the flash ranged from H34 to x48. By the way: X40 enough energy to mankind 340,000 years comfortable existence.

Cracked light
In 2012, scientists have recorded on the surface of the Sun "crack." This is a dark spot in the 800 thousand kilometers long. Flash, generated by it is projected astrophysicists to occur on September 22. And it is, according to experts, it may be more powerful than all the emissions that occurred during human history. If the Earth is on the way solar prominence — a life on the surface will not save any strong magnetic field or thick atmosphere.

However, if the forces of wind and solar is not enough for it to burn to the state of the planet uninhabitable desert, humans can safely say goodbye to the orbiting satellite constellation, communication systems, television and much of the electronics. And this, as you might guess, the most unpleasant face economic and social consequences.

Should I be afraid?
Of course, the worst-case scenario can be realized only if the planet is not very lucky, and it will be the same, in the way of the flow of charged particles. The probability of such an event, according to astronomers, is always there. But in general — it is still small.

But the major magnetic storm we will likely not be avoided. Therefore, people who suffer from heart disease, in these days to take care of oneself.

Doctors say that the so-called "adverse" days significantly increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, first of all heart patients should avoid exercise. Sun and acts on the nerves of the inhabitants of the earth: according to some, flares are accompanied by increased anxiety, mumps and unprovoked aggression. So — before you yell at a loved one or to go to deal with the "goat", scratch your car — look up: Maybe it's in the blinding ball in the sky?

As for the security of computers and other gadgets, are often "mruschih" during intense magnetic storms — the best solution is to just turn them off for a while. Moreover, that on September 22 — a day.

And by the way: solar flares are often accompanied by beautiful "northern" glow, like that in normal times can be seen except the Arctic Circle. So — a thermos of tea, camping mat and warm clothes — perhaps, is what really should stock up on the eve of this unique phenomenon.

Victoria Fomenko

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