Ladutko explained why the more expensive cigarettes

Chairman of the Minsk Nikolai garyyvykankamu Ladutko said today the price increase on cigarettes.

"Tobacco is for 100% imported. Grodno tobacco factory in May alone received 15 billion in damages. 15 billion! Could would turn this production and cigarettes do not produce, but less of that, they will not. And we have to buy for the currency of tobacco, bring it to us here and make cigarettes. This is — definitely cheaper. "

On June 8, as already reported, "Freedom", rose cigarettes middle and upper price segment, both domestic and imported — an average of 30-60%.

Nicholas Ladutko said in Minsk on a normal day sell 8 million cigarettes. And so-called days increased demand — to 20 million.

He added that active smokers in Belarus two million, and cigarettes which are now accumulated in the country, enough for 37 days of trading.


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