Lawyers fight postponed


He said that on the eve of the Presidium of the Bar of Justice discussed the decision on deprivation of licenses lawyers — Oleg Ageev, Tatiana Aheeva, Vladimir Toustsik and Tamara Garaevoy, that protected the defendants in the case Piazza.

Commenting on the initiative of the Ministry of Justice of the adoption of new rules of professional ethics of lawyers, Pylchanka expressed the view that such rules "should only be made law community." "All the leaders of the Minsk City Bar Association considers the critical situation that threatens the independence of the legal profession as a legal institution and the independence of lawyers" — said the Chairman of the Board. In this regard, he said, and decided to hold an extraordinary emergency descent.

On the same day, February 18, the Minister of Justice Viktor Golovanov signed an order for the exclusion Alexander Pylchanka from the Qualification Commission for the legal profession.

According to human rights Harry Pahanyaila, in this situation before lawyers could express solidarity with their colleagues who are deprived of licenses.

"They can bring the specific claims the Ministry of Justice as a licensing authority, which is responsible for general management legal profession. They may challenge the authorities in general, for the destruction of the independence of the legal profession. They can appeal to the international community to support their struggle against such manifestations in the country. They have a lot if they want to and they have a professional and civic courage. "

Now the presidium of decided not to hold an extraordinary meeting, reports BelaPAN.

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