Looking from London to blame the mirror necha

Major-General Vladimir Markin Justice responds rigidly to the attacks of Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov to the Investigation Committee

Previously, the CEOs of some large projects which were saying? Like, our business — to provide large-scale results, and that in some places we sometimes corny sawing and steal — it's not us, it's just a glitch auditors, investigations and other law enforcement officers.

But times are changing, and with them the excuses and the mantra of effective managers. We now have, on the contrary, in the absence of the results of large-scale projects will always be to blame for the Investigation Committee. Then eight in the morning to search for creative kids come strictly under the Criminal Procedure Code, the foreign visitor in the corridors of "Skolkovo" scare off proceedings. And in such an environment to promote innovation and attract investment?


It should be noted that now have "effective managers" new fad. A bit where a search of the multi-storey mansions lieutenant governor a wealthy area, so just shout his colleagues on the political order of the princes of the Investigative Committee and of the Audit Chamber. It is fashionable nowadays to be a purely political prisoner, once it is possible to count on the attention of BBC, and even on the support of Amnesty International. Perhaps that is why the curators particularly effective managers prefer to speak with an aria Moscow guest once in London, among the target audience. This moan song called them. And the song What a pitiful, right in the walls of the London School of Economics: "The Investigative Committee in a hurry too, loudly proclaiming abuse" Skolkovo ". The energy with which the UK publishes its assumptions makes ordinary people feel that committed the crime. But let them prove that these people are guilty of something. "

In this regard, the Russian citizens, including those working in the TFR, there was a rhetorical question: how long is kept in his chair a cabinet HIH if it while staying on a private visit in Moscow, publicly condemn Scotland Yard for performance of duties? Apparently, here in Moscow too lenient treatment compared.

It may be that even short periods of Skolkovo Innovation Zone has on the "stalkers" irresistible influence, forcing to go against the conventions accepted in polite company. For example, a citizen of the requested list of Forbes, they do not need, to preserve the honor of "Skolkovo" again. And he took, and under the influence zones helped himself a salary of 2 million and only after verification of the Accounts Chamber has reduced to an amount more appropriate for a startup. Again, the mysterious history lectures deputy Ponomarev easily explained by the "Skolkovo anomaly." Well, not stoned as top managers, when entered into such a contract?

Although there is a rational explanation Skolkovskom and other "anomalies". The Investigative Committee under the status specified by the Criminal Procedure Code, investigates high-profile cases against so-called spetssubektov to them, in particular, deputies, governors, bureaucrats, lawyers, and often in the company of experienced executives. And that all men are experienced and cunning. It has long been realized that in our time the status of inveterate opponent of power very beneficial. In which case banal criminal prosecution for theft can be as political persecution. Glory in the social networks you can earn, and even the right to asylum in London. Some virtuosos politpiara manage to do this kind of pirouettes, even in manual power, against which the protest.

However, public relations public relations, and business affairs. The Criminal Procedure Code has not been canceled, and investigators are required to ask questions if there are facts and specific suspicions. No moans about the political motives will not help. And to help only one thing: if you want large-scale projects, innovations and investments to fruition, it just does not create the conditions for theft and monitor their managers. And all you get.

Author — Head of interaction with the media, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

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