LOS ANGELES AND MOSCOW sank into the ground

U.S. scientists have made a terrible statement: Los Angeles may soon disappear from the face of the earth. This conclusion experts have analyzed the geophysical situation in the west coast of the U.S..

Internal stresses in crustal faults of the San Andreas peaked on record, and the pressure in the tectonic plates may soon lead to a devastating earthquake. The area has transformed beyond recognition. In coastal areas such as the Carrizo Plain, 160 km north of Los Angeles, there was clear a giant crack in the ground. Here, even the rivers often change their direction.

If the dire predictions come true scientists, most of the city could be destroyed. Total damage from disaster is more than $ 150 billion. The disaster will be the most ambitious in the history of mankind.

The Americans are trying to advance to minimize the consequences of possible earthquakes. In the San Andreas installed network of 250 GPS-stations, tracks the lowest layers of the Earth's crust movements. This technology allows you to win before the shock a few seconds, which is enough to block the flow of gas to stop the reactors at the plant, start braking speed trains.

Risk of leaving the ground threatens not only the U.S. coast, but the people of the Philippines and Indonesia. The experts noted that large parts of Manila and Jakarta gradually subside due to the regular pumping of groundwater.

According to experts, could be under the ground, and Moscow. In addition to the numerous cases of failure of the soil in the Russian capital, scientists, geo-ecology from space recorded in the city a large crack. It runs from the south-west of the capital in the north-east. Enough 3-4-magnitude earthquake (such as earthquakes have been recorded in Moscow in 1940, 1977 and 1990.), And half of the city can go underground.

At the same time, many cities around the world, including London, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Bombay, the risk does not go into the ground, and under water. This would be the case if we continue melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland, and ice cover of the Arctic Ocean and snow largest mountain systems of the earth.

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