Lukashenko is not at war with the enemy — with itself

Society We continue to receive letters from the reviews on the events of the 19th of December, the consequences of which were mass arrests, interrogations, searches hundreds of opposition activists and a socially active people pushing for democratic change in the country.

Why Alexander Lukashenko as suspicious and sometimes hostile to any attempts of the West to bring Belarus closer to European democratic standards of government? Own point of view on this matter — our longtime listeners and website Constantine Syrelya of Ushacha, that of Polotsk, in a letter which will start today's conversation.

Reflecting on today's political reality, Mr. Constantine writes:

"The enemies, enemies, enemies around one … Listen G. speech — that it seems as if the president does not speak with two diplomas of higher education, and retired octogenarian aunt Manya with two classes of elementary school.

The relationship of a democratic Europe to Belarus — an objective result of the policies of President Lukashenko. He is a historian by one of the entities, if not understand and do not know (but should understand and know) that a country with a totalitarian regime is a threat to other countries. The most striking examples from recent history — Nazi Germany and the communist Soviet Union. So Europe is unlikely to want to put up with such a dangerous neighborhood, and, of course, will take certain measures against the Belarusian regime.

Something similar happens in nature. If corral splinter under the skin, they soon formed around the tumor, then the abscess. Thus the body blocks the foreign body. After some time, the abscess breaks through and splinter goes along with the manure.

A primitive conjure Grigorevichu some conspiracy, some intrigue hostile Poland, Germany and all hostile hostile West completely. From time to time this list is Russia — wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. — It does not name any specific institutions or last name or number and date of the said decision of the Parliament of the amounts they aimed at subverting Belarus money. Perhaps G. thinks that everything is in Belarus, and that there the president or chancellor may uncontrollably trynkats money from the state budget where it pleases and it is for nothing.

Maybe Aunt Manya and believe in that stuff, but the man in his right mind just smiled, because he knows where the taxpayers' money in dubious projects are not easy to spend, because you can lose at least post.

Yet Lukashenko foe. Maybe my opinion at first sight seem strange, but the most ardent enemy of G. — is himself. Unfortunately, he did not seem to understand this is given, so the rest of his life, he is likely doomed to struggle with himself. The winners are, of course, can not be. Outwardly, it looks like the fight with the opposition, thugs, lousy fleas, morons, thieves, officials, etc. And it really is — a war with windmills. The war with itself.

The bad news is that this struggle will endure all of us ".

Little threat to the democratic regime of Alexander Lukashenko Europe is not: a comparison with Germany or the Soviet Union 30's is not quite correct, Mr. Constantine. Hitler and Stalin led the European superpowers of the time, the force of arms to dictate their will and their inhuman state and ideological models of weaker countries of the continent and around the world. Today Belarus — small and, by the standards of the West, a technologically backward country on the eastern edge of the continent, with large economic and financial problems. His elderly Soviet-made weapons to scare anyone, or she can not blackmail. Europe's dependence on the Belarusian transit routes are also not critical — especially with the new Russian oil and gas pipelines laid in bypassing Belarus. Perhaps that is why the sanctions on the European Union decided that after the events of the 19th of December, yet fairly mild.

On the dramatic story of the opposition presidential candidates, many of them in the future remain in captivity, says in his letter to the "Freedom" Eugene Nikita from Orsha. The listener writes:

"Day 19 of December of 2010 will go down in the history of Belarus as a blood stain on a police uniform of the regime. Neither of fake elections, nor the strange pompous inauguration in the future no one will remember. But beaten and arrested presidential candidates descendants forget.

Choosing Election Day, Lukashenko hoped that in the winter, in the cold, people from warm houses and flats NOT lure. But miscalculated.

Once Lukashenko said that without his consent in the country do nothing. So it was he who gave the order to a subordinate — to disperse the rally. "Give way to not seem enough," — that's what he said. That gave. Moderate Belarus struck not only themselves, but also the whole world. But Lukashenko has shown the world what is really in his nature ".

The fact that a special operation in the evening on December 19 directed personally by Alexander Lukashenko, he personally confirmed a few days after the bloody crackdown. Not only abroad, not only among the opposition — even when surrounded by the very head of Belarus were surprised the beginning of political repression in the very moment when the game is in the liberalization seemed to have been completely won — had to suffer a few hours.

Still continues to fight for that power drew attention to the poor state of medicine, our long-time listener and author, pediatrician Igor asleep from Vitebsk. In a new letter to the "freedom", he writes:

"I recently changed jobs — remained childlike doctor, but do not work in Vitebsk and ride advise children and their parents in rural FAPs and clinics. I can say with knowledge of the case: the most seedy FAP in a remote village looks like and contains district executive committees better than urban hospitals and maternity Vitebsk. Davzhanskaya A ambulyatoryya decorated and equipped as the most modern clinic. Probably, the fact that there has recently been president, visiting local biofactory.

That's what I'm trying to get through to Alexander G.. He also shows only the clinic's exemplary and not taken to the hospital Vitebsk, where crumbling plaster from the walls — like a 2nd city hospital on Markovshchyne, nicknamed for the misery of the 'Valley of Death. "

Most of Vitebsk hospitals and kindergartens are expected not just farbavannya facades and window replacement and repair. I want to bring this truth to the president to talk about inaction Vitebsk officials. Wrote the letter, but have little faith that it will reach the addressee. In my opinion, these people are living as if on another planet. They know very little truth. And maybe it does not want to know ".

It should be noted that Mr. Igor conducts its struggle for more than two years. It is highly concerned officials, writing letters, seeking admission in various high offices. Now plans to again get an appointment with the Assistant Lukashenko, to tell him about the real state of medicine. More than once it was pressing the authorities, advised to stop, threatened a psychiatric hospital. "Maybe what I'm doing and naive, — says Igor asleep. — But the results of my struggle is already there. So I do not stop. Believe that a legitimate struggle that is completely within the law, you can achieve a lot."

Of course, Igor, that some fundamental changes in the health care system in this way you will not be able to achieve. But if you still are the reforms that medical insurance, which are beginning to say that an individual approach to each patient and a private doctor for every family … But the real problems of real abandoned hospital —
that they are in sight, every poison the lives of thousands of people. And if you manage to put in place at least one indifferent to human needs superior, to ensure that the authorities brought to mind at least one clinic — and then in such a case, your fight was not in vain.

The author of this, the latter in today's review sheet Alexander Kazakov from Grodno — Supporter of the idea of social equality and justice. Their skeptical conclusions about the capabilities and features of the market economy, Mr. Kazakov justified as follows (I quote a letter):

"I enjoy listening to your radio various surveys.'s Just nothing you idealize capitalism, the so-called" free "world. Unless there are considered authority with the electorate? Lee asked someone in the" free "world of ordinary people, what they think those who provoked the global financial crisis and has earned billions from, while the working man and had lost what little they had?

And asked people how to punish transnational monster — the oil company BP, which flooded the entire oil Meksikanskuyu Bay, destroying all life in the vast territory?

The stem of the capitalist system — the exploitation of man by man. Business, financial incentives transformed into an absolute. Well, the engine of any business — greed. Hence the moral: tear, grab, row all by itself. In the world of wildlife of any predator was full stops, not chasing prey. Predators-capitalists — it's different. It seems that everything they already have: billions accounts, palaces and manor houses on every continent, yachts and personal aircraft … And they are all small. Greed squeeze. And they continue to destroy all living and non-living for the sake of a greater production … These people are called you "establishment", which manages the free democratic world ".

've Read your letter, Mr. Kazakov, and remembered lectures on Marxism-Leninism, which many had a chance to listen to the youth. Thus, in a market economy, which involves free competition, a lot of vices. Some bathe in luxury — others begging, one from birth provided the wealth and career, others have to fight their own way out of the lower classes. And environmental disasters happen there, and violent conflicts between the rich owners and employees … In short, to the idyllic far. But what is the alternative? Select and share everything? Times already tried (just in our country, in the former Soviet Union) — and what happened? The rich and greedy money supposedly eradicated, but there were a result of the poor, spending his life in line for everything you need, from sausage to boot, happy and prosperous?

And what about the environmental disaster … So razliv oil in the Gulf of Meksikanskay — is child's play compared to Chernobyl, in which, as is well known, does not blame the shark imperialism and Soviet Communists faithful with their slogans of social equality and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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