Machine gun, Browning M1919A6

Combat rate of machine guns BAR troops did not meet modern requirements, and effective fire support for the combination of fire Working Capital heavy machine guns and hand-held units did not come out. According to the views of the Committee of infantry, development, testing, production of new systems would take a lot of time. In this regard, it was decided to limit "translation M1919A4 in hand" (an attempt to follow the path of "manual" machine guns of the First World War — Russian and German MT MG.08/19). The result did not live up to expectations.

Machine gun, "Browning" M1919A6

"Body" M1919A4 were added: iron butt (weight 790 g, the format was more designed for resting on the shoulder, not the bottom) carrying handle, adjustable bipod, conical flash suppressor M7. In addition, the trigger has been modified to facilitate the dismantling and loading revertible spring bolt loosened and the cover latch boxes simplified, bottom butt plate and swivel casing reinforced shoulder strap. Lock bolt was removed. In February 43rd, the M1916A6 was adopted as manual machine gun compartment, and in April, after some refinement, it started to create.

Despite the fact that the barrel was made easier (assuming that the intensity of the fire will be less than the machine gun) autorifle M1919A6 was bulky, had a bad balance, had no attachment to the cartridge box, making it difficult to carry a spare gun. To substitute the trunk had to unscrew and remove the flash suppressor it. With all of this pen is not involved in this process because required asbestos glove. The shift knob on the center of mass is added inconvenience when carrying the machine gun.

Machine gun, "Browning" M1919A6

According to American historians, hand gun "Browning" M1919A6 "provoked hostility from those who used it," he removed the bipod and butt, again turning it into a M1919A4, putting it on a tripod machine. Because BAR remained a machine gun units. From time to time the machine gunners preferred to shoot out of the ordinary M1919A4 with the hand (from the leg), removing it from the machine — this method did not give a hit, but allow for unexpected collisions at short distances provide a higher density of fire.

Despite this, released 43479 M1919A6 machine guns, and officially they remained in service until the early 60's. Part of the guns was transferred Ml919A6 regimes "do not cause (in years) of suspicion" of the United States. For example, they were in Pakistan, Turkey, Cuba and Taiwan. At the current time can be shown in different countries, especially in Central America. Perhaps frisky spread is not a very successful one M60 machine gun was caused by the memory of the unfortunate M1919A6.

Machine gun, "Browning" M1919A6

Technical properties M1919A6 machine gun:
Caliber — 7.62 mm;
Cartridge — 30-06 US;
Weight of gun — 14.94 kg (with bipod, unloaded);
Full length of a gun — 1346 mm;
Barrel length — 610 mm;
Rifling — 4 right-handed;
The initial velocity — 853 m / s;
Sighting range Accuracy — 1600 yards (1463 m);
The effective firing range — 800 m;
The power supply system — cloth tape with 250 rounds of ammunition;
Rate of fire — 500 rounds per minute.

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