Madness, or the demons in my head maniac?

At all times there were people who felt an irresistible urge to murder. Some were sent to the light of his victims one by one, while others have tried to wipe out entire nations. Where does appear in these "beasts" such a terrible desire? Many of them are recognized during interrogation that they had managed to vote, in the time of the crime. So who directs maniacs? Does it occur under the influence of the dark forces, or is it just an excuse to not go to prison or the electric chair?

"I came to town. Where to go, why am I here? I do not know. Then he led me to a woman in white. Then I saw another woman. First ordered, you must give us "here this." I knew what the words mean. And I strangled … "

These are lines from the diary of Rostov, Vladimir Muhankina strangler, on his conscience 8 of lives.

At first glance the written lines resemble a raving lunatic. But during a medical examination of a maniac was found sane. Just like his "colleague" Anatoly cream — maniac pedophile wield in the Stavropol region. School teacher tortured and killed 7 boys.

"They" say that if a long look in the eyes of a child, can be seen as the soul leaves the body, "- said the killer Slivko during the trial. Who are "they", he did not elaborate.

MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Rostov State Medical University, Alexander Boukhanovsky researched the most bloody and notorious history. The scientist came to the conclusion that serial killers are almost always acted as if hypnotized … But who forced them to commit atrocities, remains a mystery.

Ufology in turn imply: maniacs sent aliens from other planets. In their version, there are two types of aliens: the good and the bad. And if the first help people develop, the latter we are studying. To experiment, sometimes very strange.

Heavenly researchers need new facilities — the human body. They do not kill themselves, and find artist — a man with a fragile psyche, which can inspire thought in the distance. "The material for research" is going from different continents. Clearly, therefore, in America, China and Russia are equally high percentage of serial killers.

You can get infected with the desire to kill as flu

There is another opinion maniac — is … a viral infection. As the flu.

— Medical world community is inclined to think that after all the disease, — the professor Boukhanovsky. And contagious. It may be inherited. For example, the eldest son Chikatilo also became a killer and is now serving time.

Maybe you can get infected with the virus and personal communication. It is said Anatoly Onopriyenko, later nicknamed the "Ukrainian beast", spoke with mentioned above Slivko shortly before the capture and execution of the latter in 1989. In the same year Onopriyenko committed his first crime. Over the next seven years, according to investigators, he had killed 52 people.

It is noteworthy that in the history of criminology in the world recorded only two cases of the appearance of maniacs women. But both were transsexuals — "male nature" in the woman's body. Obviously, "manyachnost" — a disease of the stronger sex.

Another version: place blame. Some parts of the earth accumulated negative energy. And then this energy is released into the atmosphere — the Earth as it gets rid of the negativity. The most common man can accidentally end up in a place like this and get a huge dose of "exposure."

— It is even possible to map the locations where at various times appeared serial killer. And be traced some regularity — the head of the center of the legal and psychological assistance in emergency situations Mikhail Vinogradov (its center was searching for a missing girl in Rostov). — For example, the same Rostov-on-Don — the birthplace of Chikatilo — creates maniacs are more likely than other cities. In the Krasnodar territory, and in general the south of Russia. Why is it I do not know. I can only state the fact.

Mr. Evil requires blood sacrifices

Researchers unknown who had to deal with serial killers, noted: Electrical appliances in their presence literally off scale. Concentration of negative, "black" was the energy, if the room is Satan himself.

The agents were told that a "Bittsevsky maniac" Pichuzhkina, who killed 48 people invited a priest. When a priest killer suddenly huddled in a fit, his body twitched.

— This is a classic type of behavior in the so-called "demons of the Universe" — a substance "thin" of the world, — the leader of the Moscow organization of the "Ghostbusters" Vyacheslav Klimov. — The man himself is affected by "the universe", no longer control his behavior. Although all health indicators remain sane.

It is believed that the hand of the killer sends the devil — he needs the bloody human sacrifices. Especially "interesting" children — inexperienced soul.

Horoscope murderers and their victims intersect

Famous Moscow astrologer and psychologist Paul Sviridov several years and was carefully studied the horoscope killers and their victims, and came to a shocking conclusion: personal horoscope maniacs have a lot in common. And astral card killers and their victims are not just cross paths at some point way of life, but also found themselves inexplicably linked to the birth of both of you!

From what astrologer concluded, the soul and the souls of victims maniacs have a karmic connection from a past life. For example, in a past life a person has committed a terrible thing. In this life maniac acts as a tool of retribution.

— Serial killer — this is a program embedded in the person's life path at the time of his birth, — the Sviridov. — While maniac does not implement this program, it is impossible to understand. For example, in the horoscope "Bittsevsky maniac" clearly legible figure 48. Therefore, I oppose the death penalty. If you catch a serial killer, it is necessary to isolate and not to kill. Otherwise, there will be other people with the same program — after "mission" to be performed. This is a top plan which we still can not comprehend.


I started working on this topic, we found one of the sites an inquisitive content. "Chikatilo's not dead! — Read the it. — I have proof! He flew away to another world. Regained strength and came back … "

We tried to contact the author of the message. But no answer came. A psychic Amir, seeing a picture of Rostov maniac, said: "The man is very dark energy, a strong and lively …".

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