Main Command of the Navy formulated a requirement for a new carrier-based helicopter

Another article full of inaccuracies published in the newspaper "Izvestia", again referring source in the Navy. The Ka-60 (K-62 in the article) will be placed on small ships, in particular in the 20380 corvettes (displacement 2.5 tons). On corvettes with difficulty placed standard deck of Ka-27.

A source in the General Staff of the Navy says that under the Ka-27 requires a large hangar.

— It weighs 12 tons and a height of greater than 5 m, since it has two screws. On ships with displacement less than 3 tons of large hangars worsen the seaworthiness and stability. With the excitement of the five points the ship could easily tip over, — he explained.

According to him, such problems are common to all corvettes 20380 — "Guarding", "lively", "savvy". They hangar for 50% of the ship's superstructure. But you can not give up the helicopters as soon as they effectively fight submarines.


  • The Navy will receive the Ka-62 in two years
  • The Navy will receive the Ka-62 in two years


In fact, the Project 20380 corvettes were presented as being able to use all of its weapons systems with waves up to 5 points, and for this purpose have a special system of calm pitching. The ships are not built to withstand a 5-point storm have not been taken on board.

That is, author argues that the most successful series of small patrol boats in postcovetskoe time has a problem with self-righting. Neither more nor less.

The author refers to the experience of the French Navy — French equip their "stealth" frigates "Lafayette" light "Panthers» As656. They have a height of only 4 meters and weigh a little more than 4 tons French at the design stage realized that heavy helicopter hangar will make the vehicle unstable, — continued the officer of the Main Staff of the Navy.

He also explained that the entire fleet of helicopters that can offer a Russian helicopter, best Ka-62 (meaning the Ka-60). It is half the weight of Ka-27 and weighs 6 tons, down 1.5 m At the same time, "Orcas" wide fuselage, which fit easily into anti-submarine equipment, including sonar descent.

The smaller helicopter has limited capacity, it can not be multi-purpose: it is necessary to choose between a shock or rescue versions. In the first case, the French "Panther" has two rocket launchers, machine guns, assault transports. Rescue version is equipped with a winch, it has a comfortable lounge to accommodate the wounded. The same problems are and Ka-60 anti-submarine systems existing dimensions do not allow at the same time put in the cab and sonar and dipping sonar, and yet to be determined location on the suspension for torpedoes.

In the JSC "Kamov" reported that on their own initiative started to develop carrier-based variant of the Ka-60 (K-62 in the text).

— He will have folding rotor blades and tail. On-board equipment is unclear. If you need funds for anti-submarine warfare, such as sonar, sonar can be lowered, anti-submarine torpedoes, it will have to work hard. But nothing is impossible — said the "News" representative firm.

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