Materials for facade cladding

Materials for facade claddingThe facade is an integral part of any building and its decoration is due to come to best fit it into the environment. Facing front of a responsible and time-consuming, the most difficult is to make a choice in favor of a coating material, as construction companies offer them in a huge range. Finishing materials must perform several functions: to protect the walls from rain, to give the building an aesthetic look to insulate it, and can not cope with this, not every design.

One of the most used and well-proven material lining is made of wood of different species. Despite the fact that the system is used very long finish, it has not lost relevance due to its advantages: environmental friendliness, stylish appearance, heat and sound insulation. As a result, the facade becomes an attractive and protected from the vagaries of the different nature. On the quality of solid wood paneling and similar, they can be combined to create a uniform design composition.

Another tried and tested material is brick, which is available in different colors and configurations, it is also a way of protecting against the cold, moisture, and will last for several decades. Suitable for architectural forms of any complexity. Looks more decorative facade, natural stone or granite. Porcelain tiles are made of clay, feldspar, sand and minerals, it is resistant to low temperatures, does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight, is environmentally friendly and very durable, allowing them to enjoy the decade. Design project with the use of this coating material is doomed to success.

Western producers also contributed to and was brought to our latitude finishing materials such as vinyl and metal siding, which rapidly gained in popularity. Different siding maximum ease, relative strength, low cost and attractive appearance, allowing implement various design ideas.

Impregnated with special resins veneer and solid wood may well be used for outdoor decoration, such as the final finishing of the facade and adjoining structures: gazebos, patios, baths, etc.

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