McPhee history Series 13. Circus freaks watch online

McPhee history Series 13.  Circus freaks watch online
The program, "My worst history"Once again introduces us to a dramatic and full of feelings plots. Her characters have to fight the disease indescribable, but for all that they try to live as ordinary people. In "Man-Tree: recovery" you will see Indonesian fisherman Dede Bin Atenga, known as "man-tree." We carefully will tell about this unique medical case. You will hear the interview of the Dada and his South American doctor Anthony Gaspari. You also get to know the work of the Chinese special on face transplant Dr. Guo Shuchzhuna, which makes the world's first face transplant and bone, and the world's first full face transplant. You will also meet medical phenomenon — Rudy Santos, who has four arms and three legs and which is the little old world parasitic twin. To be seen whether these unique people put an end to his own languid position and live normal and happy life?
Series about a circus freak show in Indonesia.

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