Meridian fateful Great Pyramid

Resident of the Kostroma region Abrosimova Vladimir Timoshenko interested in the history of Egyptian pyramids, read about them more than 25 books. He drew attention to the unusual. As you know, one of the features of the pyramid of Cheops in that ancient builders orient it precisely to the cardinal.

Through the faces of the pyramid can be made meridian that crosses Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, and in the opposite hemisphere and even America. According to Vladimir Alexandrovich, with the Meridian of the Great Pyramid is related to many important events of the planet, and Russia in particular.

August 7, 1839 in St. Petersburg Pulkovo Observatory was opened, which has become a reference point for all maps of the Russian Empire. On the meridian passing through it, believing it to zero, direct the entire Russian fleet. Meridian remained such until 1884, until all countries have agreed to adopt Greenwich as the zero-point reference longitude. But it is noteworthy that Russia's "zero" practically coincided with the meridian of the Great Pyramid. The discrepancy was only about a degree: the coordinates of the Pulkovo meridian Greenwich — 30 ° 19 'east longitude, the pyramid of Cheops — Z1 ° 08'. That is the capital of the Russian Empire built directly opposite the Great Pyramids.

What it is: a coincidence. or Peter I built a special city in this place? Perhaps that is why in St. Petersburg are so many different Egyptian symbols, and the promenade decorated with two sphinx, brought out of the temple of Amenhotep III?

If you recall the history of the place, which is the northern capital of Russia, for the right to possession of the territory of the Russian and Swedes fought for centuries. And with varying success. First, the land belonged to Novgorod, and in 1240, Prince Alexander Nevsky was nicknamed for the defeat of the Swedish army. But in 1300, the Swedes took revenge and built at the mouth of the river Ohta fortress of Landskrona. This building was to stand for about a year — in 1301-m Russian captured and destroyed the fortress, and in its place established a settlement Neva Estuary. Again, the Swedes managed to regain the land only in 1611, and they built a new fortress — Nienschanz, which lasted until 1703, when it was picked up by Peter I. According to historians, the Russian and the Swedes fought in these places for control of the Baltic coast. But it may be some other — mysterious — the reason there was attracted to the army? And the reason for this, Meridian Great Pyramid?

All of the capital at one point

Know someone sarcastic grin: Well coincided longitude of Petersburg and the pyramid of Cheops. But you never know in the world of such coincidences? .. Of course, this is not all. In 332 BC famous conqueror Alexander the Great founded the city on the coast of Egypt, which became the capital of his empire — Alexandria. Greenwich the coordinates 29 ° 55 'east longitude. That is almost opposite the Great Pyramid.

In 324 BC Roman Emperor Constantine the Great launched in the Greek town of Byzantium largest building, the 330 was officially proclaimed the capital of this place. In honor of the emperor city called Constantinople. After the split of the Roman Empire, Constantinople became the capital of the Byzantine Empire. In 1453, the Turks conquered the Byzantine Empire and made Constantinople the capital of the Ottoman Empire. And since 1930, the city, already the capital of Turkey, renamed Istanbul. Its coordinates — 28 ° 57 '.

According to historical records, in 882 relative Ryurina Prince Oleg, called prophetic, conquered Kiev, and proclaimed it the capital of the new state — Kievan Rus. Another large RUSSKI1 center — the capital of the republic of Novgorod Veliky Novgorod — was from Kiev at about 900 kilometers. Now look at their coordinates: Kiev — 30 ° 30 Veliky Novgorod — 31 ° 17 '.

It turns out that if Alexandria. Istanbul. Kiev, Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and the current capital of Egypt Cairo (and about which is the Pyramid of Cheops) put on one parallel, they will be very close, at the site in a couple of hundred kilometers. Agree, it is a very short distance, as measured on the planet (about 40 thousand kilometers in diameter). By comparison, the length of St. Petersburg in the north to the south — more than 30 kilometers. By the way, Moscow is also not too far away — 37 ° 37.

From Atlantis to Chernobyl

Now let's talk about some of the important events related to the meridians of the Great Pyramid.
Let's start with religion. As we know, the first time Christianity was proclaimed the state religion in Constantinople, and after the occurrence of the Byzantine Empire from there spread Orthodoxy. Capturing Byzantium, Constantinople, the Turks made a center of the Islamic world (Caliphate). It is noteworthy that after in 1517 the Turks conquered Egypt, they moved from Cairo to Constantinople many Egyptian relics. Before the baptism of Russia one of the largest centers of Slavic pagan culture was Kiev. And 988 years after the adoption of Christianity by Prince Vladimir, Kiev became the capital of Russian Orthodoxy. By the way, the baptism of the prince took in Constantinople — Constantinople.

Now about the tragic events. April 26, 1986 could be one of the biggest failures of the XX century — the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The coordinates of the town of Pripyat, near which it is built, — 30 ° 03 '. West Faces — homeport died in 1989, the nuclear submarine Komsomolets "- is located at 32 ° 25 'east longitude. Vidyaevo — home port of another nuclear submarine — "Kursk, which sank in 2000, has the coordinates 32 ° 48 '. Boat itself crashed east — 37 ° 35 '. And to top it off, this fact: according to one version, the famous Atlantis was in the Black Sea and was killed in the breakout of land near the Bosporus. Guess where the strait? That is — 29 ° 04 'East!

October 30, 1961 at the Soviet test site in the New Earth has been tested most powerful bomb in the history of mankind, of a thermonuclear bomb aviation equivalent of about 60 megatons. To a place of testing it brought the plane taking off from airport deer coordinates — 33 ° 17.

Irresistible feature

Almost every century territory near the Great Pyramid of Meridian is a revenge brutal battles and disputes: the Roman conquest, the Crusades, the invasion of Napoleon's army, the First and Second World Wars. But, surprisingly, none of the Iraqi army, crossed the meridian, did not stay behind for long. Howl ska or failed, or simply returned to their territory. Examples are numerous. Take, for Russia. From west to east, in 1240, the Swedes defeated by Alexander Nevsky, 1612 — Poles defeated Minin and Pozharsky, 1709 — the victory of Peter I in the Battle of Poltava, in 1812 — the defeat of Napoleon, the First World War — the Germans invaded, but went back, 1918 year — recedes claimed the territory of the Russian Entente, 1944 — Soviet troops knock off their land Nazis.

But trips from the east to the west did not give better results, whether it is unsuccessful attempts to capture the western lands of Ivan the Terrible, and crossed the Alps in 1799, Suvorov's army, or get to Paris the armies of Alexander I, or to raise the red flag over the Reichstag Soviet soldiers — all anyway, came back to Russia. Except, perhaps, are only those conquerors who have managed to seize the lands crossed by Meridian (Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Mongol-Tatars, Turks, the British colonialists, and so on). By the way, going to the opposite of the mysterious features of hand, on the contrary, often married with success. Europeans conquered America, and Russian — Siberia and the Far East.

Between life and death

The ancient Egyptians seem aware of the unusual properties of this mysterious band. According to their beliefs, the Nile river near which is the Great Pyramid was considered the border between the Kingdom of the living and the dead. Egyptians even built cities, palaces and temples of the gods only in the West Bank, and the tombs and funerary temples were placed on the east, thus as if to emphasize the difference between the positions on both sides of the Meridian areas.

From the point of view of modern science to explain such downright mystical coincidence is difficult. Perhaps the construction of the pyramid of Cheops sets in this place for a while yet unknown to science, energy field? Perhaps the truth is known only to the mysterious builders of the pyramids.

Secrets of the twentieth century, № 40

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