Military secret number 174 (18. 02. 2013)

— "Operation" Trap. "All about the war in Afghanistan;
— New gun the U.S. military. The first weapon in the history of mankind, which has almost no impact;
Russian "Typhoon." Triumph of Russian armored vehicles;
— The sinister secret. Why in the "Great Lakes" unsinkable ships sink?;
— The Great Famine in the U.S.. The whole truth about the dispossession of American farmers;
— "Hot Lake". Why with its banks disappeared ancient civilization;
— Armoury. The latest developments of European designers;
— Secrets of Judo. All of the most effective techniques;
— Stalingrad on the Don. The forgotten battle;
— Cosmic paradox. Location in space took a huge generators? "

Category: Scientists, experts, science

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