MLRS Grad, Hurricane, Twister, will be in service with the Army Forces

MLRS "Grad", "Hurricane," "Twister," will be in service with the Army ForcesUpgraded MLRS "Grad", "Hurricane," "Twister," will go on armament CB (Army) of the Armed Forces. On Friday told journalists Colonel Nikolai Donyushkin, the official dealer of the Defense Ministry.

"The new system will be able to hit targets at even greater distances, with a high precision", — said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

According Donyushkina, land troops already received by armament "Iskander-M" — missile systems, which absorbed the best engineering and scientific and technical merit, "MSTA-S" — upgraded 152-millimitrovye self-propelled howitzers, with an automatic control system and guidance, "Chrysanthemum-S" — self-propelled anti-tank missile.

"Besides being full supply of different means of exploration, management and security, built-in intelligence and automatic firing system. At the present day the level of automation of the systems achieves 80% ", — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.

November 19th Russian army says Day missile troops and artillery. These compounds, and units are an important native Army. Russian artillery started life back in 1382. Day Artillery celebrated on November 19th for the award of this type of troops in the counteroffensive at Stalingrad. Prazdnichek as Day Missile Troops and Artillery note from 1964

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