Mogilev flowered pansy

Mogilev flowered pansyPansies bloom again in the flowerbeds near Mogilev State University of Foodstuffs, BelTA has learned.

An opportunity for residents to return briefly in the summer, visiting Schmidt Avenue, where more than a hundred fragrant flowers. These tri-colored violets in early winter are perceived more as a natural anomaly, but still bright colors captivate the eyes of passers-by, as if light-winged moths descended from heaven on the eve of the New Year once again to please his Mogilev unobtrusive and gentle beauty.

Within a week pansy not face freezing — positive daytime temperatures will stay until the weekend, but are available on the night of frost from minus 1 to minus 4 degrees. At the same time remain unstable, rainy weather, and the weekend weather forecasters promise of snow.

According to the forecast of Mogilev Regional Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring O.Shmidta name, last weekend the average temperature exceed climatic norm of 6-7 degrees. But this is not a record of recent years. Thus, in 2009, the maximum temperature, for example, was recorded on December 4, plus 10.9 degrees in 2008 — plus 8.8 degrees. Warm in the beginning of December it was in 1996 and 1961 — plus 1-5 degrees.

Sergei Kulyagin

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