Monarchy / Monarchy with David Starkey / season 2 watch online

Monarchy / Monarchy with David Starkey / season 2 watch online
Renowned historian and broadcaster David Starkey introduces viewers with a complex and full of intriguing history of British rulers. You'll see how inextricably intertwined in the personal stories of the royal family drama and political intrigue, as the actions that took place in the bedchamber and fields of labor, form political institutions, allowing to run the state and the current day. Due to the unique manner of David Starkey viewers can revive in his own imagination pages of history: the struggle for power, all-consuming passion, municipal treason and murder. Narrator explore the true meaning of the British monarchy and its impact on modern history not only of England, and the whole world.

Series 1 — The Crown Imperial

Going into the turbulent 1450s, David Starkey is finding new facts from the history of the English monarchy. Today he knows about the War of the Roses and the appearance of the Tudor dynasty.

Series 2 — Henry VIII: Lord and Ruler

Reign of Henry VIII, his divorces and eventually spat with Rome leads to the dissolution of the monasteries.

series 3 — Shadow of the King

Meet the era that followed the death of King Henry VIII. Act 1543 has permitted On the inheritance of all his children — Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I — to govern.

Series 4 — Stuart

After the defeat of the Armada James I Stuart was able to connect Scotland and the UK. But soon, during the reign of his son Charles I, the country erupted plainclothes war.

series 5 — Oliver Cromwell: King-killer

In 1644 Plainclothes war With years in the UK own climax. David Starkey knows what danger for the British monarchy were supporters of Parliament.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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