Mysteries of the Bible

Miracle of the Bible! According to the Institute for Bible Translation in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1986, it has been translated into 1,848 languages, so that only about two percent of the world's population does not have its own language no book of Scripture. Now she moved more than a thousand small languages, even if they say thousands, hundreds or even dozens of people.

In terms of circulation, it always takes the first place in the world in 1900 was printed five million Bibles and New Testaments 7,000,000, and in 1980 — 36 million Bibles, New Testaments 57 million and several hundred million individual books of Scripture. So for the last millennium the Bible to read and study the billions of people among them were brilliant personality, to reveal to us the profound meaning of its multi-level content.

It would seem that the Bible is studied in minute detail, down to the last dash (iota), and nothing new to expect from its texts is impossible. However, it is not so — most recently made the stunning discovery that truly is the greatest achievement of our time. On the surface of the text, the beaten up and down the said billions of people found math (!) Laws, which are designed to fundamentally change our relationship to the Holy Scriptures. This discovery is Ivan Panin, strictly mathematically prove that the Bible is dictated by God through the Holy Spirit. Hence especially it can be concluded that in principle, it does not contain anything false, so it painted a picture of the universe is absolutely trustworthy and deserving of unquestioning trust. Therefore, with the help of the Holy Scriptures it is possible to reproduce a true picture of the world, but you need to resort to the corresponding decoding, decoding his texts, because they were written at a time when scientific knowledge was very limited, and the dictation had to adapt to a very low level of understanding people of the time. Now a lot towards this interpretation has been done, and that was extremely reliable foundation (now this I can talk openly) was first built thermodynamic general theory (OT), which is the most versatile and reliable form reflects the true picture of the world, especially at the level of simple physical phenomena.

Thus there is an organic fusion of religious (Christian) and scientific knowledge, and religion is a powerful stimulus for the development of science, and the latter, in turn, a new natural-scientific level recovers, elaborates and confirms the truth of the Scriptures.

Bogoduhovnost Bible proved Ivan Panin (1855-1942), a native of Russia, who at a young age was expelled from the homeland, a few years studying in Germany, and then graduated from Harvard University, USA, and after the opening of the first mathematical (numerical) laws in the Bible had rejected the proposed his brilliant career, and settled with his wife in a small Canadian farm, where more than half a century, until the end of his life, selflessly worked for 12-18 hours a day on the completion of which he found the evidence. To do this he had to make special dictionaries, indexes words and reference tables, which took eight years of hard labor.

Ivan Panin are open is to ensure that in all the 66 canonical books of the original biblical text (the Old Testament) is dictated by the Hebrew language, and Novyy_ in Greek, in every word and every letter inexplicably coded number 7, as vprchem, it is coded and our whole universe, including human beings and all living and non-living things. Here are a few typical examples.

The lunar month is 28 days (4 x 7), the phases of the moon are replaced every 7 days, the human gestation period lasts 280 days (40 x 7). In animals: mice 21 days (3 x 7), a rabbit and a rat 28 days (4 x 7), the cat 56 days (8 x 7), in the dog for 63 days (9 x 7), a lion 98 days ( 14 x 7), the sheep 147 (21 x 7). In birds, incubation period: the usual chicken 21 days (3 x 7), a duck 28 days (4 x 7). The man with the first presentation usually remembers seven concepts. Crow is able to make simple arithmetic to the number 7 (proved a witty way: in the woods in front of the hut put up a table with a delicacy for crows, the lodge has consistently come people with guns in different numerical combinations, then also come in different ways, crows are in the trees at a respectful distance and feel included and published, and if all went, they fearlessly attack the delicacy, but if included more than seven, the Ravens are wrong, and the extra hunters came out of the cabin, shoot in the air.) Solar white light is composed of seven colors, and musical octave _ of 7 full tones. These and other examples of the presence of the number 7 can cause an unbounded set, especially if you remember the ancient art with their rock art, all kinds of ornaments and so on.

As for the Bible, it is referred to the number 7 in clear text, and very often. However, we are not talking about these references and examples, although they suggest that this can not be accidental, but is a particular far-reaching goals. Frequency, diversity and nature of cases meeting with the number 7 make you think and imagine what lies behind some unusual mystery is extremely important for all humanity. Coverage with 7 of our world suggests that the secret is connected with God, and the underlined part and the obvious presence of the Group of Seven in Scripture tells us where to look and that is the key to solving this mystery. And so it proved. So here we are talking about this stunning mystery, which is not directly evident, and which, for brevity, I will explain a few specific examples.

I'll start with the first sentence of the Old Testament, which reads: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1, or in short: life. 1, 1). This phrase contains seven Hebrew words consisting of 28 = 4 x 7 letters, the first three words consisting of a subject and predicate, have 14 = 2 x 7 letters contain the same number of letters and the last 4 words (complement). The shortest word is in the middle of a sentence, the number of letters in the word and the word on the left is 7, the average number of letters in the word and the right word is 7. And so on. Such numerical laws accompany the whole text of the Bible.

Moreover, the ancient Jews and Greeks of expressing the alphabet. Plugging these numbers in place of the corresponding letters of the biblical text leads to similar results. For example, if three important nouns of the first phrase (God, heaven, earth) letters replace numbers, you get a sum equal to 777 = 111 x 7. The verb "created" is the total numerical value of 203 = 29 x 7. Ivan Panin found that the Old and New Testaments, spanning many thousands of similar numerical characteristics.

Finally Ivan Panin also found tsepochkoobraznye numerical laws, passing through the entire Bible, and links together all the text. In this case, these laws cover even the value, the importance of place and the sequence number of each word and each of its letters, so that every word and every letter has a definite place assigned to them. For example, the Old Testament was written 21 = 3 x 7 persons, the total number value equal to 3808 = 544 x 7. Of them are mentioned in the New Testament, seven, a numeric value which is the amount of names in 1554 = 222 x 7. The name of Moses in the Bible 847 = 121 x 7 times. And so on.

The ground for the opening of Ivan Panin and understanding he found laws of probability theory was developed, which was recently. This theory is strictly mathematically that found in the structure of the original biblical text numeric features could arise by chance (probability of zero), and are the result of pre-planned and carried out by design. Moreover, implementation of this plan is hardly possible on any alphabetical vocabulary and grammatical material. Obviously, the plan was to provide for the establishment of an appropriate alphabet, vocabulary and grammatical forms of the Hebrew and Greek languages (by the way, is also covered by the grammatical forms found numerical laws).

The Bible was written 1,600 years with a break before the New Testament in 400 years, it should be clear that it could not make its mind who wrote of people who lived in different times and in different countries, and some of us have been educated. It could plan and execute (dictate) only the divine mind. In the Bible God emphasizes the involvement of more than 2,500 times, examples are the words: "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction and righteousness" (2 Timothy 3, 16).

It should be added that the open Ivan Panin numerical laws not be found in any other human texts, including the non-canonical (instructive, useful) books, sometimes added to the Bible and the Apocrypha (renunciation, false books, apocryphal gospels alone, there are about 50). These patterns are only present in the canonical Bible, consisting of 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. And if you add to or delete from the Scriptures not only the book, but even one word or one letter or rearrange the order of the words, the relevant laws and violated due. In this extremely simple and infinitely complex feasible way the Lord will protect Scripture from any errors, changes and insertions. It is no accident God says that "out of my mouth in righteousness, the word is" (Isaiah 45, 23). In the same light reflected Jesus Christ, "no one jot or one tittle shall not pass from the law until all is accomplished" (Mt 5, 18). At the end of the Bible contains the following stern warning: "If anyone adds to them, God will add to the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away part in the book of life, and in the holy city, and from what is written in this book "(Rev 22,18-19). His discovery of the structure of the Bible numeric Ivan Panin successfully used to correct crept into the text for thousands of inaccuracies and resolve discrepancies. The result of this gigantic work was two books with the full text of the New Testament, published in Greek and English languages, both of which use the numerical structure of the Bible.

In accordance with the above, while trying to create the most common and reliable thermodynamic theory at the level of simple physical phenomena is guided by the previously misunderstood some natural scientific texts of the Bible as you really trust. The beginning of the general theory (RT) was the transcript of the words of the first chapter of the first book of Moses, "Genesis," which says: "And God made the firmament … And God called the firmament heaven "(Genesis 1, 7-8). Startling words! The sky, which is the vacuum of space, which has zero resistance and a long time employee of an example of absolute emptiness, called the firmament. Absurd? But these words are dictated by God, so they are absolutely certain, therefore, the vacuum of space must have the properties of a solid. Try to understand.

The sky acts as a vacuum space that separates one from the other heavenly bodies. Therefore, he must be organically inherently length, otherwise the body sooner or later would have to link up with each other. The obstacle is the space that has the property length. Also can be extended only if the substance and not the void — not "empty box without walls', as is sometimes thought. On this basis, a space should be some kind of metric substance, the main features of which are the length and order situation (Newton). Under the provisions of the order refers to the impossibility of two bodies simultaneously occupy the same place: the first body can take the place of the latter only by displacing the latter. No members of the body of the metric matter deprive him of property extension, it becomes vnemetricheskim, spaceless, pervasive, as it were "smeared" in space, omnipresent. On the hardness of the space below.

The second fundamental concept of the general theory emerged by decoding the biblical texts, where more than once thought that "with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day" (2 Peter 3, 8), and that "the time will not be "(Rev. 10, 6), and the like. Time stands here as a characteristic that can be changed, as it expands and contracts in a very wide range, and which generally can not be. This is also possible only in the one case, the responsibility for some special chronal substance giving bodies, which include the properties of the duration and order of (Newton), that the duration can be stretched and compressed. The order of the sequence determines the cause and effect, when events follow one another. Lack of substance makes the body chronal vnehronalnym, vnemetricheskim, eternal. Therefore, the time is also not comparable to the "empty box without walls', as is sometimes done.

The systematic development of the idea of the real space and what determines the time and other simple physical phenomena led to the mathematical formulation of the seven fundamental laws of nature, or principle, which must obey the universe, and which form the basis of the general theory (OT). Principles are the laws of conservation of energy, conservation of matter, the states (defines the universal connection of phenomena), reciprocity (symmetrical determine the mutual influence of phenomena), transport, culture and extended charging (plus and minus dissipation, or the plus and minus friction) , the second, third, fourth and seventh new laws. By the way, the law of conservation of matter metric, a measure of which are the right size and weight that the sky — it is flowable vacuum — not really able to change their size, shrink or expand, that is, has the properties of a rigid body, as narrated in the Bible about the proof is, for example, the observed cross-species oscillations in vacuum electromagnetic waves, characteristic only for the solid.

OT laws and the resulting various theoretical predictions, including the very exotic inroads into the existing views have been confirmed by numerous experiments on the "glands". For example, have been successfully tested more than 20 types of operational devices preslavuty violate the second law of thermodynamics and its classical entropy and heat death of the world (the law of entropy and is not in the OT, their nature does not know), which will in the near future to create clean energy, convert the heat of the environment (a heat source temperature) — air, water or land — in energy with 100 percent efficiency, such transformations are forbidden by the second law of classical thermodynamics, tested the device — this is a prototype for future power plants. Another fundamental theoretical conclusion OT for the possibility to break through action on the passage of time known law of conservation of momentum and create a so-called reference-free propulsion that during its movement through internal forces would build on land, water, air, or the jet stream, like the legendary Baron Munchausen , pulled himself out of the swamp with the horse for their own hair. Such existing devices ("glands") has been tested more than 30 types — it transforms vehicles of the future. General theory and all of these issues in detail in my book "Thermodynamics of real processes."

Thus, the Bible for the first time helped build the thermodynamic theory, the most unexpected findings which found comprehensive experimental evidence that shows the correct interpretation of (understanding) the above-mentioned texts. Having at the foundation of community and a high reliability, OT, in turn, refused finally able to break out of the traditionally close circle of "irons" and to expand the list of natural biblical texts that have been confusing and even doubt the unbelievers, but now had a simple and clear physical interpretation. Credit for this matter belongs to a previously unknown and metric chronal phenomena directly prompted by the Bible.

With metric and associated phenomena chronal most interesting forecast from — the existence of a subtle nature (peak) and ultrathin (femtosecond) worlds and objects, as evidenced by the relevant experimentation. Thin objects have properties which are in the Bible in relation to the souls and ultrafine — with reference to the spirits. Pikoobekty (souls) have a certain size and weight from a few to several tens of grams, that is, they display characteristics hronalnometricheskogo our world, but they are invisible and can penetrate walls and other obstacles. Femtoobekty (spirits) belong vnehronalno-vnemetricheskomu world live outside of time and space, therefore, invisible and pervasive, for they contain the substance of the metric (not the size and weight). Conclude that there are in nature, inside and outside of us, fine and ultrafine worlds and objects is essential fundamental to understanding the world in which we live, and the role that we play in this world.

Size and weight, which is a visible, attached to bodies only metric simple substance. All other known (chronal, rotational, vibrational, thermal, electrical, magnetic, etc.) each having its own specific, inaccessible to other materials with unique properties, they give their bodies, which include. However, the size and weight of these substances do not, and therefore, as transparent and as if "smeared" in the object space, they formed one of the body should be treated as "something". In connection with this are clear texts of the Bible, which used two Hebrew words: "bar", meaning "to create out of nothing," and "assassin" — "to create, to form, to make from the available material." The word "bar" is used in the Bible only in three cases: in the first act ("In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"), then at the creation of "living soul" — the first animals and, finally, with the creation of man. In all other cases, use the word "assassin." This means that in these three cases were vnemetricheskie source, that is, invisible substance ("something"). This interpretation is supported by the following direct evidence "of the invisible which do appear" (Hebrews 11, 3). Also becomes clear why the mass in Newton's time was usually seen as the amount of matter in general: it is only the metric form of matter (substance) has a mass (visible size), all the other forms of this property are not, so they did not notice.

Shocking and exotic metric chronal phenomena consists in the fact that they, like all other simple physical phenomena (rotational, vibrational, thermal, electrical, magnetic, etc.) are subject to the law against, and therefore they can be managed in the same way how we manage these others. Let me give a few examples of this administration, which shed some light on the relevant natural science texts of the Bible, I'll start with the space management that borders on fantasy.

Well-known concept of shielding, insulation. For example, isolating dielectric electrically charged body, we deny the possibility of the body to exercise in an environment its electrical properties, and the electrical charge and the potential of the body in isolation remain unchanged. It is obvious that in principle it is possible more or less successfully, to isolate any body from penetrating the corresponding insulating sheath any simple substance, including a metric (and chronal). Such a body will remain inside (inside the insulating sheath) intact all its properties, associated with this matter, and will be unable to exercise these qualities in the external world outside the shell. This is a general law, which is valid for all the simple phenomena of it can not be exceptions.

Therefore, isolating our usual hronalnometricheskoe vnemetricheskoy body shell, we thus preventing him to exercise outside their metric properties, foremost of which is the size and weight, but the inside of the shell (body) size and weight will remain the same. This means that our isolated body will behave in the environment as vnemetricheskoe having no dimensions and weight: it can easily go through any prerady, and it can be transferred from any speed and any rsstoyaniya even under the action of thought, for thought is the real nature of power and has the properties as shown by us in direct experimentation. Of course, the actual travel speed and penetration capability (mass and external dimensions) of the body will depend on the degree of perfection vnemetricheskoy imposed isolation. In the book I've mentioned this transfer process is called teleportation.

The Bible repeatedly refers teleportation effect. For example, "Angel of the Lord delighted Philip, and the eunuch did not see him and continued on his way rejoicing. But Philip was found in Ashdod "(Acts 8, 39-40). This effect is sometimes treated as some sacred, this tells the story of their lives. Quite often resort to it (and still uses!) Reverend Nicholas of Myra, rescuing people and entire ships from the sea depths in the storm, and releasing and returning people from distant captivity, and the like.

Some other events are reflected in the Bible, and sometimes cause confusion too easily explained by the action of vnemetricheskoy isolation. For example, such insulation interior with a relatively small size make Noah's ark able to accommodate an unlimited set of pairs of "steam clean and unclean", together with the need of food. However, if we add to this chronal phenomenon, which is administered by the passage of time can change the ark so that the duration of the flood for "clean and unclean" in a matter of hours or minutes, and then the feed will need quite a bit. Similarly, we can explain the fact that the whale swallowed Jonah. After enough of ultrathin (spirit) to surround the prophet Jonah necessary vnemetricheskoy insulating shell (eg a), that the latter can be successfully swallowed by a whale, not only, but also any minnows. So to explain the texts of Scripture there is no need to "invent" some wide-whales or very large sharks.

Attempts have been made of the effect of teleportation in the laboratory. It should not be forgotten that vnemetrichnost (and vnehronalnost) are alien to our chronal metric world, our nature, and the inherent ultra-thin targets of good and evil, so without them it is impossible to achieve this effect. A good example is the famous American experience, where in 1943 an attempt was made to turn the destroyer squadron, "Eldridge" in the ship-invisible (called the Philadelphia Experiment). In this case, the effect was discussed, but the outcome was tragic experience: some people have died, others have disappeared, others have gone mad, and above all this looming symbol of ultrathin forces of evil — a UFO, for ultra-thin world of good things are not encouraged.

Time in its manifestations is no less fantastic than space. Control effects over time is also described in the Bible. Sometimes it is managed in a very grand scale, to extend the date of the battle, as it was at Gibeon, when "the sun was of heaven, and hasted not to go about a whole day" (Joshua 10, 13). About Ark righteous November we have already mentioned. It is possible that the prophet Jonah in the belly of a whale stay was facilitated by artificially accelerating the time.

Femtoobekty evil very often exhibit a change in the interaction of the time observers of UFOs. Corresponding changes are also found on UFO landing sites, including the area of the Tunguska explosion of a UFO, and I was faced with this many times.

Under laboratory conditions, can change the course of time is relatively simple. For example, the corresponding process is repeated periodically in the above unsupported thruster, the passage of time changes in chronal instrumentation and so on.

But the most interesting and important is that all the physical, chemical, biological, including thinking, and other processes are accompanied by radiation chronal field, which contains all the information about these processes. Consequently, all of our senses, feelings, thoughts, desires, motivations, actions, deeds, and the like are present in the environment in the form of appropriate chronal structures. So do not be surprised that "The Lord knows the thoughts of man" (Ps. 93, 11) and "all movements of thought" (1 Chronicles 28, 9). Moreover, vnehronalno, God sees all our past, present and future thoughts, words and deeds at the same time.

In turn, chronal field has a significant impact on all of the physical, chemical and other processes, and thus it can be used for effective influence on these processes. This principle is also applied in nature. For example, studies show that major regulatory functions in vivo have chronal nature. In particular, by соответствующейрасшифровки some biblical texts were able to establish that chelovekazadeystvovana interesting chronal system that links the error of his behavior (sin) to the health, and therefore on a completely new basis, than it is now, the problem should be solved prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases but this is a topic for special discussion. Among other chronal principle thin and ultra-thin worlds and objects use when interacting with us. It can also be applied to increase the productivity of plants and animals in agriculture. In general, the possibility of practical use chronal phenomenon limitless.

A. Veinik

Journal of Nature and Man, 1993, № 7-8

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