Mysterious Russia: Sakhalin. Human civilization floating island

Crew NTV program "Mysterious Russia" went to Sakhalin to find the key to the secret of the lost civilization of the mysterious floating island.

Sakhalin Island. The area of this part of the land — more than 70,000 square kilometers. This is many times larger than that of countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Israel. But what do we know about the biggest island in Russia?

It turns out that in our country has existed for thousands of years of human civilization, far more ancient than the Egyptian. These people knew how to build the most accurate Observatory, and long before Galileo first looked at the sky through a telescope.

The traces of this civilization are found even in ancient America — the Aztecs and Mayans. This land is not submerged even during the Great Flood. The ancient inhabitants of these places — the Ainu — claimed to be the heirs of the great gods, and very wise, and more — that can travel around the world right on your island.

The journalists of the "Mysterious Russia" tried to figure out how this is possible.

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