Mystery date 21. 12. 2012. The famous astronomer of the end of the world and the mysterious planet Nibiru

Another message about the coming end of the world Shambhala oracle who predicted that on December 21 of this year, the world will come a global cataclysm that caused many to panic.

So we decided to see a specialist and asked the deputy director for Science Cultural and Educational Center. Tereshkova Nikolai Perov talk about this frightening date, and the future that awaits humans.

— Nikolai, the oracle of Shambhala, December 21, Earth, along with the solar system passes through the galactic "zero band" that would lead to the complete darkness, "can not be subject to any energy, there will be no electromagnetic field." All this is supposed to last two weeks, and many people will die.

What to say about a Tibetan monk, I know teachers, educated people who believe in these "predictions" and seriously afraid. And this is not the first time. Know of at least 11 foretells humanity "over the world" — starting from 1666 and ending with 2012. Darkness December 21 due to the "disappearance" of bright planets — their care under the horizon, but for three hours maximum. The sun will be below the horizon, and with the half-shadow eclipse of the moon, which is near Jupiter in the vicinity of the specified date (1 month — allowable error for some of the priests in the case of an interval of more than 5,000 years old), these oracles can predict the onset of "darkness." Note the sun every year crosses the Milky Way, which intersects the ecliptic, but this year the planets line up on the arc of 80 degrees on the sky to the ground observer. (In the space away from the planet Earth from a few minutes to a few light-hours of light and form an irregular polygon). That is, December 21 will see the "parade" of bright planets.

These planets are at the latitude of the Maya when entering moving almost perpendicular to the plane of the horizon. In this case, the observers the impression that the world "falls into the abyss," and all the bright celestial bodies that are on the ecliptic (the plane of the ecliptic is the plane of Earth's orbit), disappear. In the morning they arise. And deeply misleading to associate the parade of planets with devastating disasters in the world. For example, the maximum height of tides on Earth caused by the Moon, is 12 meters long, and the sun — 6 m, and all the planets — less than a millimeter.

Electromagnetic fields are also here to stay, in particular, protons and iron nuclei produced during supernova explosions and moving at nearly the speed of light, fill the galaxy and still retained its magnetic field. Wherever the sun may be, even if it is hidden in the evening, the cosmic ray flux will always pierce the earth, and therefore, will not disappear and the electromagnetic field (of physics we know: there are moving charges — is the electromagnetic field). So, the day of December 21 was credited with mythical properties, astronomy forgotten, and all the "miracles" come up with.

— But what about the Mayan prediction of the end of the world 21.12.2012?
— In the Maya do not have any record of it in the extant manuscripts! This date they have linked to the onset of a new calendar cycle, a new calendar era — a sort of New Year. From an astronomical point of view, the selection of the day Maya explained as follows. First of all, a few bright planets, except Jupiter, as we have said, are located close to the sun on an arc of 80 degrees. Jupiter periodically comes close to the Pleiades, making a turn at 5125.366 432 years, and each time their meeting place near the other (neighboring) the main point of the ecliptic. If the Gregorian calendar marked periods 365-366 and 30 days, according to the main part of the period of the motion of the sun and moon, in the Maya calendar isolated periods 360, 260, and 20 days (260 days — the period of visibility of Venus, maturing maize). Every 5125 years 4 months 13 days preceding the Mayan calendar cycle ends and begins a new one.

Under the provisions of the heavenly bodies determine the date of the Mayan agricultural work, such as the rainy season and droughts. It was extremely important to them (for example, when in Guatemala in 1950, died last priest-astronomer, and predicted there was nobody in the country famine). In an era when there was no Internet, television and radio, the sky and the movement of light is the only source of information for the ancient people to navigate in the world. The stars are determined dates of religious holidays and even family planning and elected leaders.

So there is nothing mysterious in the date of 21 December 2012 no — there are more fancy, unsubstantiated assumptions, hypotheses and simply astronomical errors.

— Earth is called a killer planet Nibiru, which supposedly will soon collide with Earth …
— Talking about it for years, but no one has ever seen on this planet. If such a risk exists, Nibiru would have already been seen, even during the day — it would have been more than the moon, and the moon is what we observe.

— Some catastrophic collision, in your opinion, expect our planet in the future?
— In 2029, there is a possibility of five thousandths percent of the Earth's collision with an asteroid. In general, there is peer review of the Future: Russian astronomers have calculated and predicted every disaster. Thus, in 2096 is expected to fall to Earth meteorite measuring at least Tunguska, but long before that, it is estimated that in 2068, humanity will learn to defend against the threat of asteroids and comets.

— Nikolai, when you started to get involved in astronomy?
— When I went to school. Remember, in 1957 — launched the first satellite, 1961-1st — flight of Yuri Gagarin, the 1963rd — Valentina Tereshkova. Craze swept the world space, and I was captured, too. After graduation, I finished graduate school in celestial mechanics at home Tsiolkovsky and to date has a passion for astronomy. When we give tours in the planetarium, an observatory, I show meteorites and in combating astrology please take them up. I said: "Hold — and be happy." I am often asked, "Are you happy with yourself, then?" To which I answer, that thrice happy: after all my work, hobbies and leisure match!

Nikolai Perov born in Yaroslavl, December 19, 1950. In 1973 he finished his studies at the Institute of Education, and then graduate thesis at Moscow State University. University. Deputy Director for Science Cultural and Educational Center. Tereshkova, assistant professor of physics and information technology YAGPU them. Ushinskogo.

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