Natalia Radin: We heard a crack Taser

Natalia Radin told how to avoid recruitment by the KGB. The court refused to change the measure of restraint for Irina Khalip. Fyaduta Alexander and his wife, Marina, at the same time under the contract read poetry Gumilev.

Journalist Natalia Radin, which, after being released from prison KGB lives in Kobrin under house arrest, the statement Ales Mikhalevich commented on torture in the KGB prison "American." According to Natalia, the prisoner of female guards treated differently: they do not "stretch", there was a sudden searches of female prisoners were taken in handcuffs and not exposed to the cold naked. But the fact that everything said Mikhalevich could happen with male prisoners, Natalia Radin believes, judging by the fact that she had heard through the walls of the chamber and in the corridors of the prison.

Natalia Radin

"When the men were taken out for interrogation or for a walk, I heard the command" Hands behind your back! "" Look down! "I heard the sound of batons, electric crackle seen" Taser "and that they are forced to literally run through the corridors" — recalls Natalia Radin.

"It was a very scary time of these sounds. They really loudly to move faster to run on this walk. There's a very steep staircase, and every time I thought about how people, the same candidate Sannikov whether Dmitry Bondarenko, who has back problems, as they can run the stairs. It is impossible, it is in fact torture. This is what we've heard, but not seen. "

Natalia Radin, she said, also declined to cooperate with the KGB.

"They used threats, including those that" think about it, because you will never have children. "

Radin believes it helped that during the interrogation of a lawyer, she stated that she intends to remain an independent journalist.

Vladimir Khalip

Irina Khalip father, a famous writer Vladimir Khalip said the lawyer Irene through the courts to seek changes of house arrest for his client to a more lenient punishment, but the court refused. The fact that, by Ales Mikhalevich happens to prisoners KGB, Mr. Khalip called "the return of 1937":

"That was then and now. Nothing has changed. Same methods and, unfortunately, the same situation."

in a statement, expressed the opinion that the prisoners are not specifically allow lawyers to meet in private, so as not to become known data on torture. Since the end of December was never summoned to a lawyer Dmitry Bondarenko, coordinator of "European Belarus". Yesterday, the prisoner's wife Olga Bondarenko got poison his letter. I ask, is there any information about encircled by guards?

"Letters containing such information would not come down, but still something you can understand," — says Olga Bondarenko:

"In the last letter of the mood writes that average.'re A good mood in such a place can not be, and the poor should not be never."

Svetlana Lebedko reported that on February 28 sent a statement to the investigator on a date with her husband. While none of the prisoners of the KGB in the case Dec. 19 meeting with the relatives were not allowed, but the wife of the UCP leader decided to check it out.

At the end of last week Alexander Fyaduta was interrogated. "Again the same thing asked," — says the prisoner's wife Marina Fyaduta. Marina also said: Every night at the same time she reads poetry ENU. "Does the same, and Alexander. So we kind of together," — said Marina Fyaduta:

"This is a game he invented. Bought him the books he ordered. Specifically, poems ENU. And at home in the library Gumilev, of course, also have. And here we are at 10 pm read ENU. He writes:" write letters — often in writing anywhere, and so we read — and like we are together in touch. "

Marina Fyaduta believes that the light in the cells in the KGB prison does not exclude from the way that it is possible to read late at night. For Marina Fyaduta this confirmation to Ales Mikhalevich. Let me remind you of former presidential candidate said that through a strong bright light in the cells, "American" captors impact on the psyche and the health of prisoners.

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