Near Volgograd 27-year-old boy was killed by a bee sting

Doctors do not have time to save the patient.
27-year resident of Kamyshin in serious condition to the hospital for "fast." It turned out that he was bitten by a bee, when he was busy in the garden. The guy just made a face and gave it value.

However, he almost immediately had a strong allergy. Medics brought home when the boy was very bad and he lost consciousness. Doctors diagnosed the patient's strongest anafilakti? Cal shock. But it was too late to save the young man, and could not — said, "KP" in MOI Volgograsdkoy area.

Help "KP"

Anafilakti? Cal shock or anaphylaxis? I — allergic reactions of immediate type, the state dramatically increased sensitivity of the organism that develops with repeated administration of foreign proteins and serums, drugs, the bite of the Hymenoptera. One of the most dangerous complications of drug allergy that ends in about 10-20% of the lethal.

Tatiana Alexeeva

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