Neva bank oozing oil

The Neva River in St. Petersburg were oil of unknown origin. Oil slick covered unoccupied ice thawed, stretching from the discharge to the Foundry Bridge. To find the source of contamination, experts Rosprirodnadzor offer to dismantle part of the Sverdlovsk bustling waterfront. Details figured out radio correspondent "Vesti FM" Oleg Yakhontov.

Rubies:Oil slick on the Neva seen walking on the waterfront St. Petersburg, Sverdlovsk and appealed to the environmentalists of "Greenpeace". Those, in turn, went to the scene, and, according to the head of the St. Petersburg branch of "Greenpeace" Dmitry Artamonov saw the oil flow from the pipe belonging Viborg CHP located nearby:

Artamonov:At that time, quite clearly be seen that the content is out of the tube, which is owned Viborg CHP. This is a tube through which hot water is discharged, and so, in fact, on the Neva River forms a large enough Thaw, which would be clearly seen this film, because the rest of the Neva under the ice. We immediately reported it and the MOE, and RPN. If it is oil, which really flows from the waterfront, the damage from this pollution Neva will be much greater than that of temporal overlap waterfront. Another thing, I would once again carefully approached the question of the source.

Rubies:However, the company TGK-1, which belongs to the Vyborg CHP, categorically denied any involvement in the emergence of oil slicks. At the enterprise there is control over the quality of water discharged into the Neva River. After the incident, according to the spokesperson of TGC-1 Valentine Shumovsky was conducted another study.

Shumovsky:Specialists of TGC-1 was carried out additional analysis of wastewater generating facilities of the company located on the waterfront adjacent to the Sverdlovsk regions. In general, the conclusion is clear: the traces of oil in industrial water was not recorded. Moreover, the survey was carried out production sites in order to detect possible contamination. In this case, oil spills also been discovered.

Rubies:After the address environmental situation and the department interested RPN. Special ships cracked ice, eliminate pollution, but then experts discovered that oil into the Neva were not out of the pipe CHP, and, according to the spokesman of the Department of Rosprirodnadzor in the North West Region. Tatyana Zakharova, a trickle of quay wall joints:

Zakharova:When the inspection of the discharge revealed that the oil drain into the waters of the river embankment wall joints. Visually observed on the surface of the water-continuous strips iridescent film of oil. According to experts of the Department to identify and eliminate the source of contamination is necessary to conduct surveys of the specialized organizations of the waterfront area, including work on the excavation and opening of the waterfront, which is outside the jurisdiction of the department.

Rubies: Will disassemble part of Sverdlovsk waterfront is still unknown. The decision on this will take the city government. Given that this is one of the major city roads, then the large-scale works without huge traffic jams are not enough. Petroleum products, oozing from the joints of granite slabs waterfront, say that they contaminated soil. By the way, and near a gas station, warehouse which also should check

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