Familiarity with the main puppeteers "new world order."

I wonder why it is we in the sight of this intention? Why we need to destroy, and if you can not war, then strangle ideology? Why so cool for us come from? What is so special to us, if we — just rusish Schwein?
Constant wars and revolutions. Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, and now Dulles? And Soros? And Brzezinski? Who and why are we the way? Do we attack a someone? Want to take over someone else's land? We hardly can order on their visit.

So what's the deal?

And you ask yourself a simple question — how do we come from, Russian? Ask your child — after all children are in school history — maybe they have something to tell you?
Nothing intelligent kid you not say. He will tell you about Egypt, of Rome, Greece, the Jews, whom else, but not about the people who owned the largest territory. How is it that all of Europe is made up of villages, pritulennyh to each other, and there are open spaces that take your breath? Germany by bus for 6 hours can pass. And what can drive 6 hours with us? Some zaturkanny area.

Interesting question. And like a bunch of interesting questions.
Where did the name of all Russian cities? What do they mean?
What is the meaning of our words in Russian? And you know that they all contain a code, which opens with the appropriate knowledge of the key to this "Forbidden Reality"?
They believed our ancestors to Christianity? And what we know about it? Are we once were some others, not what they are now?

Why Jews suddenly synchronously, as a team, decided to leave the CIS and moved into "his" Israel, why they do not stay there to live forever, but once settled in other countries, why they always keep themselves apart, and even speak with the emphasis always? Why did they get married at each other, and always have genetic abnormalities and disease, why he made the boys circumcised?

Why is a copy of the pyramid of Cheops at our Red Square in a mausoleum of Lenin? Why is that mummified and not buried, as all? What the character is, "our" — a five-pointed star, and what character he was before we, why this same star emblazoned on the chest of the American sheriffs?

Why with the collapse of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Communists raised the cry? Why not lay down the bones, defending his party, his regime and his personal power? Had the courage in the war, but not here?

Why regime change, not engaged in economic development, and the first thing they do — rename streets, tearing down monuments and change the portraits on the banknotes? What is this, the most important thing, once it is done in the first place?

Why now in 2 (!) Times in schools reduced hours on technical subjects, and no one can do? Russian language will now be only 2 (!) Times a week! Who is this is all about? And why did not explain anything to anyone?

Why does not provide mortality statistics for the period of perestroika? You know, that killed more than Stalin's repressions?

Why after the war for some 15 years, launched into space, and now 20 years have passed, and the opposite is true — that had — lost?

And why are all these "why" in response to a silence, or rather eerie banging and rattling powerful blunt interference in the form of advertising toilet paper and other products, serving all our holes?
Many feel that for this background there are any underlying serious progress, and no one in the mail as it is not put, the owner quietly does what he wants, and we have just put a fait accompli.
Given all that is written above, starts looking through some contours quite slim, but invisible control people, and up to the formation of their tastes. Freedom of just all screaming, and in fact the choice is very small, and the degree of control over a person with current technology was not lower, but higher.
Some new world order, the new rules of life and management, devil take them …

So, so, and that the new order is?

This "control" I felt the time, when I learned that every vote in the State Duma is from 10,000 to 50,000 dollars. Enter the State Duma is from 2 million. Given that the budget of a country, such as the Ukraine amounts to the budget of the average United States, it is clear that you can just buy at the root of all government, and any decision. therefore very advantageous to create a "new" a "democracy."
Another time, is obviously cynical, was told Margaret Thatcher that "economically advisable to leave the former Soviet Union 15 million people live." We thought he had misheard, and sent over 50 million people. Responding he heard "Not fifty — FIFTEEN! ". These 15 million to remain in the country to maintain the Trans-polluting industries and nuclear burial ground, when it will be divided among the Anglo-Saxons, the Germans, the Americans and the Japanese.
Yes, an interesting situation. That's the new world order … Somewhere in the words I have heard … I remember! On the dollar!

"New World Order" - VERTICAL
We get a bill worth $ 1. Overturn it. We see two round pictures. Go to the Internet. Type in a search engine letters written at the foot of the pyramid MDCCLXXVI. We read that you have found. And what do we find?
And that's what. These "roundels" — it is not much, not enough — and the two sides of the Great Seal of the United States. Implement more than serious. Accordingly, the fact that it depicts — is important, very much so.

If this "super seal" cut in half, you get the picture that you see. And on the dollar and it is written — "The great seal of the United States". Left "roundels" — a symbol of the priests of Egypt, the main ideological and informational post world government — a pyramid with the eye of the "angel of light" Satan on it, right — their invisible servants as masons with the star of the five-pointed stars.

Fold in half dollar — here's a great duplex U.S.. On one side of the priests, on the other — the Masons. That's such a great band. And the goal of this band is simple — to make us a worldwide cosmopolitan herd or policies of globalization.
Above the stage with popular culture — a world government led by the Egyptian priests, and of course, the most important "Angel" — which looks at us from the pyramid. This "angel" has three properties — the mystery, power and wonder. Secret — this is what you see in the eyes, but can not see the person. Power — is that the "eye" is the all-seeing. Miracle — this is what "eye" hanging in the air above the pyramid.

The purpose of this "team" is written on a ribbon in its beak of an eagle on the right. "E PLURIBUS UNUM". Of course, this Latin translates to people not be afraid, but in fact — "one of the many people." To zapudrit brains translation — "unity in diversity" and others under the pyramid — the inscription — "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM". " The new world order "or" new order Air. "over the pyramid in Latin" ANNUIT COEPTIS "translates as" He (God) bless our deeds. "What sort of" hidden "God is in the triangle — now clear.

It is very useful to show the inscriptions on the dollar to people who always say that claims to world domination — all the fruits of sick imagination of patriots and anti-Semites. The whole composition of ancient Masonic symbols has been developed on the instructions of Rothschild made the first sketch by Adam Weishaupt, a designer has become a Russian artist Mason Roerich. But the symbolism goes back to the time of ancient Egypt.

Do you think that this is all a fairy tale?

Then why the same character is the Ukrainian hryvnia 500 bill?
And why did the Ukrainian arms took and turned upside down? And Ukrainians worth remembering that their "trident" is not for hay forks, and stylized birds falcons Rarog with folded wings — breeding sign Rurik Russian princes. Rarog Bird — fire bird, meaning the god of fire — Semargl. Only Rurik this Sokolik flew up. What happened to him now?

Do the same with the Russian ensign (modern Russian flag). Striping — (white — usually red (sun) — reality, blue — Nav — also reversed. Jav Nav and swapped.

Do you have any thoughts do not arise?
Today, his claim to U.S. world hegemony not hide. About them very openly and cynically writes, for example, Brzezinski (The Grand Chessboard).
And in the "double" pyramid contains 13 peaks again (8 on the bottom of the truncated and 5 in "eye" at the top)
They say that it is because originally there were 13 states. But it is not so simple. First there were 12, and 13 organized force, to "get to the number."
At the bottom of the pyramid — the foundation year U.S. Latin figures (1776), and a year of the devil — if you subtract from it in 1110, the rest of 666 — the number of the devil. Oh, and like the Kabbalists symbolism! Exactly 13 years after the Masons made a revolution in France. This date is shown on the front of the dollar in a green circle on the right, as the date of creation of the Masonic Center in France. In the same circle of 13 stars on the broken line. Therefore, they and then called Frank-Masons. Then they moved to the United States.
And what is the Egyptian priests are? Well, you heard about the Freemasons. And these, what kind of people?

Actor № 1

Levites, Kohanim, priests, Priests. Holders of true knowledge.

This team is managing the so-called outpost tribe of Levi, and the Levites.
And we call it here Codlea Center.

Type a word into a search engine — you find anything sensible. Still, some of the information about these "secret" people have. Example, is what gives Istarkhi:

"Let's start with the sunset Atlantic civilization.

During this period, the land was formed several new centers of civilization:
Egypt State Etruscans (the ruins of which blossomed Roman Empire), India, China, Iran and other ancient Aryan state.
Egypt, and later Rome were colonies of Atlantis, and the knowledge of Atlantis became the property of the priests of Egypt.
Elements Atlantic wisdom handed Egyptians legendary Atlantis priest Hermes Trismegistus (thrice great) …

… As for the occult forces, of which little is known.
According to legend, they came out of Egypt. Reached 22 Hierophant (predictor of fate), split into two teams of 11 people, and went to the light.
A play in one game. Analogue of the game was football — two teams of 11 men kicking the globe. Apparently, Hierophants — descendants of survivors of occult priests lost Atlantis.

The priests of Egypt … (especially occult part of the priests), many thousands of years ago set a goal to achieve world domination.
This idea is certainly not new, and lives as much as people live.
Now, the priests of Egypt began by trying to implement this idea by military force.
Next to Egypt was a welcome piece for Egypt — Canaan.
Canaan at the time was one of the key centers of world trade and the global interaction between the peoples.
Egypt Canaan fought for 300 years, but has not achieved by military means nothing.

After another split in the top of the Egyptian priesthood emerged a group of occult priests who went fundamentally different satanic way to achieve the same goal of world domination.
They realized that it is much better not the usual material weapons, and information warfare.
They realized that it is easier not to kill people, and they cheat.
Lies and deception are their basic method.
The basis of information weapons were invented by the priests of the new world religion.

The first of these false religions, they have come up with Judaism.
Judaism, of course, did not come from nothing.
For the base they took paganism, but transformed it to a new religion meet their stated objectives.
To implement this information weapons and to implement plans for the implementation of the global program they had a human host of a new, special type.
These soldiers were required to work in the "cold" and implied war.
These implicit soldiers no one had to be perceived as a soldier.
Even the hidden these soldiers should not be aware of their control.
In other words, they needed biorobots.

While in bondage in Egypt were the Hebrews.
The priests decided to use the human material for his idea.
Was isolated representative of the priesthood Moses, the priests themselves have disappeared in the ancestral tribe of Levi.
Later in the Sinai desert for 40 years to produce this satanic experiment on breeding bio-robots.
Themselves Hebrews in the desert found their grave.

The result is a new breed of Jewish biorobots not aware of its control.
Further accelerates this nation on the world.
Satanists do not need the Jews only in Palestine.
They had distributed around the world army.
So vain attempts of some of today's Jewish ideologues gather all the Jews in one place.
The hosts of the Jews will not let the Jews do.
They were again dispersed throughout the world.
Satanists must army internationalists (mezhnatsionalistov) embedded in each nation.

As a result, the Jews today — it's just a biological control tool bezstrukturnogo occult descendants of Egyptian priests.
Ordinary Jews do not understand who they are and what role they play.
On the upper levels of the upper strata of world Jewry Jewry understand everything, but they do not know how one could make a living in another way.
And they are happy with the place that they occupy, and the benefits and privileges that they have.
And the fact that for these benefits they give soul to the devil and his reincarnation nothing good shine, this they try not to think about.
And they do not believe in an afterlife and reincarnation.
Lived 70 — 80 years in total abundance and right.
Levites everybody understands, but they play their game, and the Jews for them — it's just stuff, herd biorobots over which they set shepherds — rabbis.

Some time ago I was struck by the stories of their friends of the Jews, who at the beginning of Gorbachev's perestroika rushed to their homeland of Israel, and in a year or go to other countries and even came back to the USSR. When I asked, "Why did you come back? You want freedom?." I said, "What kind of freedom? Israel amazingly totalitarian country. Atmosphere of spiritual slavery in which rabbis hold Jews, very reminiscent of the days of Soviet communism. Behavior of Jews in Israel is very tightly regulated by the rabbis. They determine what and how to think about how you can not think and how you can say and what is not, what can be done, what is not, what is good and what is bad. And climb and impose rules of behavior, do not give to live freely. And God forbid quarrel with the rabbis. You crush. In the Soviet Union, we swallowed these district committees and party committees to the full, and now faced with the same as the rabbinate. "

When the Russian Jews in Israel had accumulated quite a lot, they gave rabbinate resistance, and spiritual atmosphere in Israel was significantly softer. Russian Jews are proud of it and do not realize that the rabbinate just decided with them until the fight. Why? They decided to take it out on their children and their children. The system of education and training have remained unchanged. In 40 years, everything will return to its original state, and Israel will digest the waste and throw alien element.
Note that Israel — the only country in the world where communism always run as kibbutzim (collective type).

Moses was a child … a daughter of Egyptian Pharaoh.
In the Bible, the choice is presented as random — Pharaoh's daughter found Moses supposedly accidentally.
This interpretation for the naive.
To get to the family of Pharaoh accidentally impossible in principle.
Moses was raised in a family of Pharaoh.
He received priestly formation and priestly education.
He was made an initiate.
For the casual person it is absolutely impossible.
Moses purposefully selected and trained specifically for a particular mission.

Sigmund Freud in "The Man Moses and the monotheistic religion" (52) points to the Egyptian origin of the name of Moses — Mose. Studies Freud allow him to conclude that Moses — nobly Egyptian priest, dedicated to all the wisdom of the Egyptian priests. Levites Freud believes, or Egyptians or halfbreeds and unequivocally "the people of Moses," his unit.

Most likely, the Levites — the descendants of Joseph the Egyptian priests.
Planning ahead, we are used to in the Soviet Union during the 5 or 7-year plans, was born much earlier in Egypt during the time of construction of the first pyramid. They are often built over a lifetime of Pharaoh.

The official story … the process of mastering human knowledge is always described by a deceitful scheme.
At some point in all of humanity allegedly did not know something, and then due to scientific and technological progress was to obtain new knowledge.
In fact, not so.
All mankind is divided into two parts: the priesthood, which has a system of knowledge, and the rest of humanity, has a different system of knowledge.
Priests and thousands of years ago there was a system of knowledge that is not available today.

PRIESTS AND ANYONE SO JUST YOUR KNOWLEDGE did not give and give not collected.

Knowledge — that is their strength is their power, it is their power.
They have their own system of education, which has nothing to do with the people.
Moreover, not only the priests hid the true knowledge, but also deliberately spread false and introduced a system of knowledge, which includes a portion of the true knowledge.
That's how they ruled for thousands of years. So they ruled today. They want to edit, and tomorrow, if they got it.

Higher levels of Jewish-Masonic pyramid of power call themselves the Illuminati (enlightened, knowledgeable), and have the knowledge, inaccessible to the uninitiated, and thereby have tremendous power.

… Even in Soviet times, when built Kalinin Prospekt, ordinary Russians have not thought about what these five high-rise buildings in the form of detailed books. A sense that the Jewish architects in coordination with GlavAPU laid in this symbolism, the mystical.
These five buildings in the form of open book — is symbolic books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy). A rise of these buildings over Moscow — a symbol of power of the Jewish iudohristianstva over Russia. Each of these buildings has 22 floors (not counting black "stand" 2 trading floors). 22 — the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, on which the books of the Old Testament. 22 — the number of books of the Old Testament in Hebrew. Each side of the building has 12 windows wide. 12 — the number of the tribes of Israel. And all of this was built even before the "surgery". Today … satanic occult priests face insurmountable difficulties in retaining the information only to the initiated. Time is not what ends their false Age of Pisces. Since the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is depressurization of knowledge and old principles of access to the pyramid of knowledge begin to not work, and therefore begin to change and the principles of crowd-elitist power pyramid. Knowledge and information are starting to leak out, and with the new computer technologies and information networks to keep the information becomes almost impossible.

Other than that satanic priests now difficult problems with genetics. The fact that these priests to store and transmit information only devoted not only social, but also genetic. They always married and bred only among his family. For example, the higher the Levites combined only with the Levites. No foreign beauties and handsome men will not be able to join the family of the Levites. In this way, according to their plan, they were to reproduce themselves from generation to generation, thus providing itself in a sense immortality. As the song goes: "Everything can kings, all kings are, but whatever you say, marry for love, not none, no king."

But now due to the rotten blood and prolonged inbreeding Satanists genetically completely rotted and were confronted with the problem of genetic degeneration. They are now trying to solve this problem through genetic engineering and genetic material (especially blood) to steal from the Aryans. All the rituals of Aryan blood emaciated babies that Satanists have long engaged, have a purely genetic goal. "And this rule is called the conceptual power, which represent the information pyramid of true knowledge. The authorities of the pyramid will be popularly described in the "ultimate weapon"

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