New Zealand environmentalists back into the sea 60 emissions dolphins

Rescuers managed to save sixty pilot whales from over hundreds of emissions on Monday morning on the shore of New Zealand, according to an environmental organization Project Jonah.

According to ecologists, 26 dolphins were returned to the sea in the first two days, to Wednesday morning live on the shore were 34 dolphin.

Thanks to the morning tide, remaining on shore dolphins were in the water in the shallows. According to the latest reports, volunteers, water depth at the location of mammals is three meters, and the animal is left to overcome two kilometers to go afloat.

"One of the dolphins team Project Jonah volunteers are used as" bait "for the other mammals. Rescuers on inflatable boats accompany this dolphin, not letting him turn towards the coast, and other individuals will follow him," — said in a statement.

Estimated veterinarians who participated in the rescue operation, the dolphins are exhausted and disoriented. In addition, after such a long period of stay on the land, some mammalian organs can be damaged. Help dolphins have about 50 doctors and volunteers.

According to environmentalists, 47 dolphins from over a hundred stranded died.

Pilot whale, or black dolphins — marine mammals of the order Cetacea. The body of the pilot whale, reaching a length of 8.5 meters, is fully painted in black, except for a white spot under his chin in the shape of an anchor. Dolphin weight is about 800 pounds, but there are more than two-ton animal. Different types of pilot whales live in almost all over the world — both in the warm tropical seas and the coast of Northern Europe.

In New Zealand, whales and dolphins are often washed ashore. Basically, it is in the summer months, when flocks of mammals migrate to Antarctic waters or returning from there by the coast of the island state. Generally, if one pilot whale washed ashore, others are trying to help her, and eventually share her fate.

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