Nicholas Pokhabov on the loose

Nearly three hours held in police custody Wednesday Smolevichy police department head of the regional branch of the trade union of radio industry in the Minsk oblast Nikolai Pohabov.

In the afternoon he visited Borisov according to job assignment. From the Department of Internal Affairs Nicholas Smolevichsky Pohabov were released without a report and not formally charged.

In an interview with "Freedom" Nicholas Pokhabov said he would contact the prosecutor's office for legal assessment of the detention.

On Wednesday morning the "Freedom" reported that the trade union leader, who was driving by car from Minsk to Borisov, the traffic police detained the captain Smolevichsky police department Badgers. When police took care of the car from the trunk of a hundred copies of the registered newspaper "New Era" and newsletter "Working Solidarity", which is distributed to union members on the Rights of the internal documentation.

Moreover, in the car Nicholas Pohabov police found leaflets "No — the impoverishment of the people!" Signed initiative group the organizing committee of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly.

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