Oil spill in the U.S. threatens ecology of Yellowstone Park

As reported vesti.ru, breakthrough pipeline owned by one of the largest oil companies in the world, Exxon Mobil, on Saturday caused the 40-kilometer long oil plume at Yellowstone River.

This was announced today by Brian Schweitzer — Governor of the North-West of the U.S. state of Montana, where the accident occurred. "The parties responsible for the security of the pipeline are required to reverse the effects of a breakthrough," — he stressed.

Because of the accident on the pipeline, which was laid on the bottom of the river, also had to evacuate the settlements located along the river. Spokeswoman Pam Malek Exxon Mobil said it fell into the river about 1 thousand barrels of oil before the company closed the pipeline. The company has already sent a team to aid irrigation services.

Head of Montana in the aftermath of natural disasters and emergencies Nekhtiy Steve said that flooding, typical for this time of year, make the job of his staff to clean up the river from the oil. Environmentalists can not yet tell how far down the river can spread the oil plume.

Yellowstone — tributary of Missouri. It flows from the UNESCO World Heritage Site — Yellowstone National Park. Breakthrough pipe is downstream, but scientists consider waterway as one ecosystem, so its pollution can negatively affect the ecology of the international reserve.

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