On the islands of Santa Cruz earthquake

On the islands of Santa Cruz earthquakeIn the southern part of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz Islands earthquake with magnitude 6.1. The epicenter was at a depth of elements 13.5 kilometers. Information on the destruction and casualties were reported. Tremors were felt in a radius of 200 kilometers from the epicenter.
Santa Cruz Islands belong to the Solomon Islands. Frequent earthquakes in this remote area of Oceania is not uncommon.
The devastating tsunami in the Solomon Islands in 2007 caused an earthquake of magnitude 8.1. Elements led to the deaths of over 50 people. Then left homeless thousands of islanders.
Santa Cruz Islands are part of the so-called Ring of Fire. The islands rise above the three giant tectonic plates that are due to the constant shifting of the eruption of underwater volcanoes, releasing enormous amounts of energy, according to ITAR-TASS.

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