On which side to approach the barricade?

The truth is not to be mistaken with a choice of sides in the conflict? How can you objectively reflect the situation, knowing that a significant portion of disk imaging — a deliberate propaganda and disinformation?
Perhaps, the political situation in our country has reached a level where competing in the positive was unreal. Very often we were promised a bright future, which is why developed a strong immunity to all kinds of promises. Choice has been going on for a negative assessment of the band — which side the victory will be worse.
The position of power: "We do not choose to be worse" — pessimistic
The position of the opposition (pardon the tautology), "will not be worse" — optimistic.

On which side to approach the barricade?

To tell the truth in the center — to lie. May become worse with the victory of at least some of their faces.

Puzzling pros today's government:
— undeniable progress in comparison with the 90s (although a failure in comparison with what might have been, we will go the way of China)
— the destruction of the country's suspended (but not canceled)
— Army somehow rearmed (only serve to some)
if curse enemies, as it should, something is being done right. (That's a strong argument for the truth, even though motivation is not quite the one we are waiting for the authorities).

But those who have decided to vote "yes" for the sake of the promise of stability should aware of, and associated hazards.

— Segodnyaschy powerpower oligarchs. Alliance of the people with power — the alliance of sheep and wolves, where the electorate is not really an ally, and forage base — the subject of poaching, less. Putin's victory — conservation situation in which the population is given the role of meat and dairy.
— Demographic discrepancy gone very far and almost no correctable. Kosovo scenario is nearing.
— At some point, Putin on natural biological reasons have to leave. After that, the country will face reformatting. It may be full. Oligarchs something on planes bound to the homeland and in London. And we, our children and grandchildren?

You can go to the other side of the barricade.
Pros opposition:
— their slogans are obvious and understandable. "Party of swindlers and thieves", "orgy of thugs in Kuschevskaya", "Feeding the Caucasus", "Wipe Russian outsiders", "Aircraft and space degraded", "Corruption" — everyone knows about it and can just add to it.
Unfortunately, the transfer of trivial plagues society is the only plus. True constructive opposition as there is no organized force, and those who are considered to be the nominal opposition — the clowns. (Pro fraud yelling, but mandates were not disdained).

And it is creating its very important hazards:
— We do not know those people who are at the theoretical level can come to power, and those who know very well, do not wish in any way.
— It has long been popular clamor, and unsuccessfully trying to cling outspoken enemies. The adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is not applicable here. They are contrary to our interests so that their background thieves from "Eat Russia" — small funny SHALUNISHKA.
— There is a serious fear that revealing the impact of foreign agents try to capture power. And given that they are more organized, if spontaneous mass protests, the risk of this is very real.
— But the most important thing is that the elite is ready for such a scenario. Vpribavok before finally leaving it to "turn off the light" and will follow with laughter as we fumbling in the dark, as if abandoned in the ancient house of cockroaches.
Is that still leaves the citizens? Where throw everywhere wedge? Whatever the turnover situation, the elite in any one saved, and we disappear?

I'm afraid that something like this case and situation.
However, there is little difference.
In the first case, we like the proverbial frog, which is slowly heated water, boil evenly.
In the 2nd case, if we throw in kipyatochek, a real danger of boil instantly.
But you can be saved, if throw in kipyatochek anyone else (of course, figuratively).

Who are we? It's about foremen color revolutions. This variety of our citizens is divided into two categories. First term describes the habitual "grant." This individual receiving for their own hard work means. No, they're not spies, they are not interested in military secrets and derail trains. These people derail their own sovereign country, or placing them under the political and economic control "of donors," or disorganizing for long years.
Examples: Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan. Now added North Africa.
But it's leaders. And then there are ordinary soldiers — Agents impact passively and innocently believing that topical administration for the good of the country, that the external managers are kind and unselfish. For the sake of the generous purpose to deprive his country's sovereignty, these people are willing to work for free, albeit under the astute management of grant-.
A description of these individuals in handy just in order to show: These people are organized. They are the sources of funding. They are able to replicate their views. But the most dangerous, they present themselves as the opposition. Not for the "Fifth Column", what really are, and specifically for the only force to defend the interests of the people in front of the oligarchy.
The danger is that these people will lead the protest movement of the population and on our shoulders to break through power, I think it is very large. Let them and even booed at the Swamp area.

I think the topic of elections exhausted. "Victims of fraud" took the deputies' mandates, betraying the fact of its own voters.
With the presidential election too bad. Who would like to Putin not concerned, we have to admit that its competitors lower level, and who is at the level before the election is not allowed.

But life after the March 4 does not stop, and you have at the moment to think what to do next. Option to accept the inevitable and do not drink the bitter offer. Suggest conceive of historical perspective.
Our only chance to survive — to make a "hunting" on the impact of the Agents.
The main thing is that they fear the power of color revolution will be our ally in this. She will hand us a grant-instantly. Already rents. And we know them in person, let us cut them away, not allowing the people to lead the movement.
Naturally, such a struggle — the loss of pace. As long as we deal between themselves, the oligarchy opamyatuetsya, regroup. No, do not go in coming. Faster speed up the looting of the country, knowing that the evacuation acquired the business of the hard work the coming future. But on the other has not yet come out.

What should we make of this situation?
We must prepare for postoligarhicheskomu of the country, a means of grant-crowding in the trash public and political life, so that not any of them climbed to leadership positions in the future period of chaos.
We need to make the country's moral climate in which grant-either be exporting capital limit is stylish and ashamed.
We have to push favorites. More precisely, they will advance themselves, and we must support them. Support information by making recognizable and sought after pa
ssing zomboyaschik.
We need to introduce into the public consciousness the idea that flight tycoon is not the end but only the beginning of the operation on extradition to the next landing. The beginning of this operation is delayed, but it is inevitable. Exported from the country's capital should be considered only as a society temporarily exported.
In the end, supported by the power struggle with the superintendents of color revolutions and knocks on the government itself. When the immune system to betray the public interest would be dominant in the society, the government will be hard to recruit besprintsipialnyh performers.
This, it turns out Gandhism 21st century.

It remains to decide who are we? We are the ones who are going to live in their own country and whose kids with their grandchildren, too, are going to do it. Those who are quietly packing his bags — it's not us, it's them.
I propose to organize themselves according to this principle. Against this background, some political differences and personal antipathies are secondary and unimportant. Postpone the dismantling of small solutions to the global prepyadstviya — directed the creation of the national elite that wants to live and die at home. And to die with dignity. Not in the exclusive village, fenced off from the outside chaos Stitching wire and machine guns, and prosperous country where fences and armed bodyguards are needed.

If want, consider it applets action for us — the ordinary soldiers of the ideological front online.

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