Our homeland + China = military-political alliance?

Russia + China = military-political union?Usually, typically, those or other countries conclude a contract, agreement or take joint zayaleniya on those or other issues. What did for alliances or blocs, it is a tight fit shape sotrudinichestva, expected joint actions on issues for the fundamental political, economic, and including military nature.

For an alliance needed prerequisites and conditions, and in our case it can be!? Alliances or blocks usually appear at the time of the last aggravation of the military-political situation and are usually the role of 2 and more than countries. A nice example is the unions first and second world wars.

At one time, only the presence of Warsaw Pact between countries of the former socialist camp restrained brutal ambition of NATO.

The objectives of the above-mentioned unions in my opinion can only 3

1.Napadenie to one or more countries.
2.Oborona rage 1 or more countries.
3.Sozdanie parity and neutralize anger.

Now let's try together to analyze, may be whether the criteria in today's conclusion of such union, or this option is not realistic.

To start make out the background and the background and briefly discuss each of these friday:

1.Destabilizatsiya military-political situation in the world is on the rise.
1.1.To that the situation in the world is heating up with each passing day or the situation becomes explosive, for anybody not a secret.
1.2.Opasnost out local or intrastate conflicts beyond just the 1st Near East is completely possible and this fear is completely real.

2.Destabilizatsiya situation threatens the political and economic interests of the 2-states.
2.1.To that the Middle East is located in a particular proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation and the presence here explosion completely may threaten state security.
2.2.Potrebnost growing economy in the hydrocarbon and dependence on them poses a danger of the economy of China, and taking into account the entire oil potential Of, it fails to meet the demand of China.

3.Cooperative look and approach to tackling the critical issues of military-political nature.
3.1.Berya into account the similarity in the sight of the ongoing processes and joint actions in the UN Security Council
3.2.takzhe are closely consulted on many issues and at different levels

4.Nevozmozhnost alone against probable threats or anger.
4.1.Voenny potential of 2-states alone can not withstand the fury probable or possible danger
4.2.Nalichie the U.S. NATO allies brings virtually no opposition to these countries.

5.Availability community of interest be it military-political-economic plan.
5.1.Nasha homeland and China are already cooperating closely in the framework of the SCO economic cooperation
5.2.Nalichie total length of the boundary conditions for doing even more cramped economic cooperation.

6.Availability military and economic potential for an alliance.
6.1.Voenny aforementioned countries, and the potential growth of the MIC can work together to confront the danger even outside.
6.2.Tesnoe military-technical cooperation may allow to strengthen the military potential of 2-states.

Output: Taking into account all of the above, fully admit the idea of concluding a military-political alliance in recent vremya.Chto still regards the CSTO, it will not be contrary to the union of the aforementioned countries either in spirit or in content.

PSKomu, it may all seem like a fantasy, and yet in this complex and multi-polar world in the face of danger and aggression can be completely all.

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