Our homeland, Germany and France — the new union?

Russia, Germany and France - the new alliance?Germany and Our homeland, these two countries share, as if an abyss, the historical facts, the first and second world wars can not be erased from the memory, but now we can talk about the fact that Berlin and Moscow extended a hand of friendship to each other and, as they say, Western analysts , this friendship has a chance at life. This week, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and this is another proof of the fact that these two countries in recent years can make in Europe, the new tandem that private economic power will surpass all existing alliances and unions. One of the first countries in which it is understood, was France, whose government will soon show his good attitude to the Russian side, as evidenced by the fact of the 2-class ship "Mistral".

Scope for cooperation between Germany and Russia is really great. In particular — now that is rich in natural resources Our homeland is considering options for where to place the surplus funds. And there is a powerful resource center — Germany, which finds investors, beguiled by its goal of totality predominance in Europe. Kick-ass prospect for partnership!

Try not to miss the chance to own and France. Government approved its sale of ships of class "Mistral", according to the views of Stratfor, is "the most important transfer of advanced Western military technology to Russia since the end of the terrible second world war."

This is only a small part of the new euro alliance which completely can be a revolutionary in modern geopolitics. Paris joins Berlin in their own isolation from the effects of U.S. foreign policy, and instead of heading towards the primordial ideological enemy — Russia.

Western Europe has understood that Our homeland is in control of much of its gas supplies in 2006. Recall, then, in the midst of cool winters Moscow cut off gas to Ukraine in an attempt to adjacent similar 'baseball bat' to obtain from it the necessary concessions. Soon the whole of Europe felt for himself on this "gas" blow.

In order to avoid this in the future, Europe is rapidly began to find methods to get rid of the habit of "instability" of Russian gas. Increased interest on the project, Nabucco, which provides for laying the gas pipeline through the area of Turkey, which will supply natural gas specifically from the Caucasus, bypassing the territory of Russia.

But the plan will not be implemented, and that's a fact. The reason? Germany. Instead purpose to find methods to overcome Russia, Berlin has decided, however, to join. Now Germany is transformed into a large hub for gas from Russia and is with all this part of the Russian authorities. Despite the objections of almost all the other countries on the shores of the Baltic, Germany, and graduated from our home on May 5 of this year, construction of a new subsea gas pipeline of 760 miles. According to the existing schedule, it should be run today's fall, and the second additional parallel pipe will be completed later.

The new pipeline gives more influence and power and RF, and Germany. Moscow will be able to cut the supply of natural gas in Eastern Europe, with all this while continuing its supplies to Western Europe via Germany, buddy. This means that it has the ability to put the countries of Eastern Europe to its knees, and with all this to keep things interesting with the West. Meanwhile, Berlin will be able to control the current supply of natural gas to Western Europe.

Across Western Europe, the country shall be removed from unsafe nuclear power. These countries will almost certainly be required to find its substitution of nuclear energy, and it will be the substitute natural gas, perhaps, in the short term. First, he vsedostupen and much less polluting than the same coal or oil. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently predicted the approach of the "golden age of gas". In the end, this means more influence and power for the Russian Federation and Germany.

France also hopes to take part in this process. July 20 Our homeland has given green light to French energy giant — the company Total, allowing her to join the important Russian gas project — the development of Yamal. This Russian peninsula is the focus of the greatest supplies of natural gas that is in the world, and Russia will have to develop this area, in this case, if she longs to continue to dominate the Western European market for natural gas.

But with the development of the Yamal Peninsula is due a lot of problems. It is located north of the Arctic Circle and is transformed into a continuous swamp in summer, for this reason drilling can only be a black winter. Total has extensive technical experience, which is very necessary for the successful implementation of the project.

Taking into account the desire of Germany and France to be friends with Russia, it is, of course, will not a good reaction in the United States. And we have to admit that the premises of the Yankees worry about their impact on the countries of Western Europe really is. Maybe this was the premise of the statements of some U.S. congressmen to review programs from the "reset" relations with Russia. As you know, a few days back from the white houses in the address Russian government's allegations were made public in the destruction of democracy in the country, and a ban on U.S. race on the terrain of some Russians who were blamed for involvement in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

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