Our homeland has killed almost 62% of its supplies of chemical weapons

Russia has already destroyed almost 62% of its chemical weapons stockpileAbout 25 thousand tons of chemical agents, or nearly 62% of supplies of chemical weapons destruction in Russia by April 29, days when entered into force International Convention on prohibiting chemical weapons.
For 15 years, our homeland has eliminated about 2-thirds of their own supplies, which were the highest in the world — about 40 thousand tons. Absolutely kill all their deadly supplies Russia undertakes to December 31, 2015.

United States, which rank second on the supplies of chemical weapons — about 30 thousand tons, have killed about 90% of its own "himzapasov" — about 25 thousand tons. But with the last 10% of toxic substances from the Yankees is a long delay. The Pentagon initially extended the destruction of chemical weapons remains until 2021, and then again pushed predictable timeframes for the elimination of government programs from the supplies of chemical weapons by 2023.

Violators Convention

Convention prohibiting chemical weapons entered into force April 29, 1997. At the current time, 188 of the 195 UN member states are party to the Convention. Myanmar and Israel have signed but not yet ratified it. Have not yet acceded to the agreement, Angola, North Korea, Egypt, Somalia and Syria. Officially recognized the existence of chemical weapons in Albania, Libya, Iraq, India, Our homeland, the United States and the Republic of Korea.
According to the Convention, all countries should have killed their supplies of chemical weapons until 29 April 2012. Overall, as of January 31, 2012 in the world of 70 thousand tons of chemical agents have destroyed more than 50 thousand tons, or 73% of all supplies of toxic substances in the world.
Three countries have already completed their programs from chemical disarmament — Albania in 2007, Korea in 2008, India in 2009. Iraq is the Company interdiction of chemical weapons (OPCW), the overall plan of liquidation own declared supplies for its next implementation according to the state program there.

As of January 31, 2012 Libya had killed 13.5 tons, or 54% of its own with supplies of chemical weapons. The situation with the storage and disposal of toxic substances in Libya is of concern to the world community. During the war, civilian control of the countless weapons depots in Libya has weakened significantly. Due to this more than once expressed fear that unguarded weapon, including chemical, may fall into the hands of terrorist groups in the region. The UN Security Council October 31, 2011 adopted a resolution on non-proliferation of weapons in the African country. The document contains the calls to the Libyan authorities to kill all located in the area of the country of chemical tool.

Farewell, chemical weapons?

As of April 29, 2012 the number of destroyed chemical weapons in Russia, which was proved by certificates of the OPCW, in totality is 24 thousand 747 tons of toxic substances from the 39 thousand 967 tons of it — 61.9% of the stores told RIA announcements at the Federal Office for non-hazardous storage and destruction of chemical weapons (FUBHUHO). In accordance with federal motivated applets "Liquidation supplies of chemical weapons in the Russian Federation, "the deadline for destruction of the entire military," chemistry "is defined at 31 December 2015.

Currently in Russia there are four sites for the destruction of chemical weapons (CWDFs). "Maradykovsky" in the Kirov region since 2006. At the facility has been destroyed by 5 thousand 712 tons of chemical agents. At the moment, "Maradykovskiy" destroyed a 500-pound aviasnaryady equipped with viscous soman (chemical agent nervnoparaliticheskogo acts toxic than sarin, soman, about 2.5 times).
"Leonidovka" in the Penza region since 2008. There destroyed more than 6 thousand tons of chemical weapons. At this point, the facility also destroyed aviasnaryady with viscous soman.

"Pochel" in the Bryansk region was launched in 2010. There destroyed more than 2.5 thousand tons of chemical agents. At the moment, the object being destroyed bombs caliber 500kg with poison gas such as VX (VX).

"Pike" (Kurgan region) works since 2009, the facility destroyed about three thousand tons of chemical agents. "Pike" is recycling caliber artillery shells 130 mm sarin (chemical warfare substance Nerve act).
Two objects — CWDFs "Mountain" in the Saratov region and CWDFs "Kambarka" in Udmurtia withdrawn from international inspection regime, because there are already complete destruction of toxic substances.

"Destruction of chemical weapons at Russian facilities is conducted in compliance with all safety standards and protection of the environment under the control of the interdiction of chemical weapons at a constant presence of the inspection team at the facility," — noted in FUBHUHO.

The Pentagon "Khimichev"

The Pentagon, which had previously asked for a delay on the destruction of chemical weapons by 2021, pushed these terms for two more years. Now the date of the final elimination of toxic substances Americans dubbed 2023 year. Supplies for the destruction of chemical weapons in the United States planned to build and put into operation nine objects. As of February 2012 5 items (in Aberdeen, Anniston, Newport, Pine Bluff and Johnston Atoll) has already killed the supplies of chemical weapons stored there, and taken out of service. To date, only two of the destruction facility toxic substances in Umatilla (Oregon) and Tooele (Utah) eliminate himboepripasy, construction of 2-objects in the Blue Grass (Kentucky), and Pueblo (Colorado) so far has not been completed. Commissioning of these facilities is scheduled after about 2013, specifically on their plan to kill the remaining 10% of supplies of "chemistry" USA.

"From the U.S. continues to receive information about the actual timing of the delay destruction of chemical weapons in excess of the maximum set by the Convention in relation to the inability to liquidation in a timely supplies of chemical weapons at the Pueblo and Blue Grass" — noted in FUBHUHO.

Earlier, Pentagon spokesman, told reporters that the warehouses in the Blue Grass stored 523 tons of nerve agents. In Pueblo, there are still more than 2 thousand tons of mustard gas. He noted that at these sites lasts construction buildings for the installation of special equipment for the chemical neutralization of toxic substances. The project will claim an additional investment of $ 2 billion dollars. Initially it was assumed that work to eliminate chemical weapons in Colorado will end in 2017, and in Kentucky — in 2021. But the Pentagon has concluded that these terms would have to move. According to the Pentagon, the U.S. is determined to fulfill its commitment to the complete destruction of chemical weapons as possible to faster with the security for the population and environment protection. U.S. military explain new terms destruction of chemical weapons need to solve various problems, including institutional.

Russian experts at FUBHUHO explain the delay past the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, which has not spared all the major world powers, including the U.S. and Russia, and technical challenges to ensure the safety of the installations created.

"The main inducement postponement is, first, the desire to achieve additional appropriations for the U.S. Department of Defense, including the activi
ties that were not initially provided state applets destruction of chemical weapons. When the initial price programmki 1.8 billion U.S. dollars in 1986, the volume of real allocations to complete all the activities of the destruction is estimated at 36 billion dollars, "- the FUBHUHO.

No statute of limitations

In addition to financial difficulties, the delay in the liquidation himboepripasov explain the complexity of the experts at their disposal. Currently in Russia and the United States destroyed virtually all supplies of low-toxic warfare agents — mustard gas, lewisite, and VX. Dispose of these poisons is much easier than fighting ammunition with liquefied gas — sarin and soman. Work with such ammunition should very carefully, because even though the infringement of technology can lead to disaster — in the air at one time appears accumulation of toxic fumes.

Another problem of recycling is that everyone in the world himboepripasov out of storage, and with special care experts at working with emergency shells because they are at any time of can be detonated. In Russia, succeeded one hundred percent correct and explosive powder charges to chemical munitions kill and special munitions and devices not equipped with poisons. At the moment, none of chemical bomb, shell or missile warhead are not vsepolnotsennymi ammunition, because their missing important parts — fuses and powder charges.

In FUBHUHO noted that the basic prerequisites for the timely implementation of the Russia international obligations in accordance with the Convention on prohibiting chemical weapons is a timely and cost-efficient financing the smooth functioning of the control system.

Russia has already destroyed almost 62% of its chemical weapons stockpile

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