Our homeland is already supplying missiles to Syria Yakhont. Israel sees the strategic risk

Russia already supplies Syria missile "Yakhont".  Israel sees a strategic threatOur homeland has already started to supply Syria with missile systems S-800 "Yakhont", and in Tel Aviv is considered "as a strategic threat to Israel," said the head of the head of the military security policy and the Israeli Defense Ministry Amos Gilad. And it may be to the Israeli-Russian military cooperation, he added.

"We wish to cooperate with Russia, but when comes a tool that can get into the hands of our enemies, it is, of course, can not affect our military cooperation. This is an unfriendly gesture" — Gilad highlighted on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, reports " Interfax ".

Commenting on the assurances given by the Russian authorities that supplied Syria complexes "Yakhont" does not fall to the constructive organization "Hezbollah", Israeli military commander saw: "What guarantees? When armed falls to Syria — it goes to the "Hezbollah". "Ruby"- This is a very massive cannon, which at some point will kill the Israeli soldier," — he added.

"Pinned its hopes that the Russian side would be as sensitive to the concerns of Israel, as Israel in the past with the knowledge reacted to the concerns of the Russian Federation on the issue with Georgia, "- said the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Israel. was reported that shortly before the Russian military conflict with Georgia in August 2008, Israel turned its military cooperation with Tbilisi and so far it has not resumed.

Gilad also said that Israel is our homeland and "should be merged in the fight against the terrorists." "Hamas", for example, supported the terrorists in Chechnya. We have documents to that effect, "- said the Israeli leader.

When asked where in Tel Aviv, it is clear that our homeland has started shipping "Yakhontov" Syria, Gilad said that the Israeli side has received this information from a variety of sources.

Meanwhile, another 28 October, the General Director of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaykin stated that the company does not implement the agreements for the supply of Syria anti-ship missiles, as such contracts do not. "Naturally," Rosoboronexport ", without such contracts, can not they (missiles) supply, "- He said to journalists when asked whether carried supplies" Yakhontov "Syria. According Isaikina, the issue of supply of these missiles to Syria decides to control the country.

Earlier, in September, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov confirmed that our homeland will execute the contract for the supply of "Yakhontov" Damascus signed in 2007. "The United States in conjunction with Israel's demand that we did not deliver" Yakhont "Syria. But we do not litsezreem expressed their fears that this weapon fall into the hands of terrorists," — said the head of the Defense Ministry.

Israel has not once expressed concern about the intention of the Russian Federation to fulfill contract Sales Syrian missiles P-800 "Ruby. "In Israel fear that this supply will change the balance of power in the region, and in the case of contact so advanced missiles in the hands of insurgents" Hezbollah "will be put under threat and the Israeli Navy, in part, Mediterranean U.S. Navy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in August asked the Russian government to abandon the prisoner in the 2007 agreement with Syria, and after the announcement of Serdyukov said that Israel must prepare for the latest missile threat.

"And we have a means of further military supplies are working to ensure the technological answer to this dilemma," — Netanyahu singled out. Among these measures, the Israeli government approved the purchase of 20 new U.S. fighter-bombers of the 5th generation F-35i, made by technology stealth.

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