Our homeland is building new arsenal of weapons

Russia is building a new arsenal of weapons

It seems that the Russian government is seriously took up the challenge of explosions at ammunition depots. Thus, the Ministry of Defence announced that by 2015 there will be over the construction of new, far from populated Fri Bole and storage of non-hazardous stockpiles guns and ammunition. In addition, the rejection of the planned disposal of ammunition by detonation.

Confirming this thesis, on the days of the Deputy Defense Minister Army General D.Bulgakov made a statement saying that by the end of this year to complete the construction of the 2-new arsenal for ammunition storage. They will be placed in Mozdok and Kedrovka. The minister said that in the coming year is meant to build seven more such arsenals. He also noted that, according to the approved departmental programmke planned to build a total difficulties fifteen new arsenals. In 2014, meant to build 6 more arsenals, and in 2015 to bring the characteristics of all stores to the respective characteristics. All new arsenals, exactly like the ones to be reconstructed, will be equipped with the perimeters of protection, video surveillance and fire. At each arsenal is a small staff of military personnel, who will be 375 people, including 172 officers. Reconstruction are also subject to the shop, specializing in the assembly and disassembly of ammunition.

In addition, Bulgakov stated that in 2013, disposed of ammunition will only factory method, none of the military grounds no one is going to undermine.

Recall, after the collapse of the Union of Russian territory of Russia remained on 180 weapons arsenal, which stored about 15 million tons of ammunition. In 2010, most of these weapons have become ineligible to use. Therefore, control of the military department has decided to dispose of them by detonation. At the current time, according to the ministry, 140 military arsenals stored about 6 million tons of ammunition, half of which expired. On disposal of such overdue amount of ammunition resources are scarce. Yet, it is expected that they will all be recycled to the beginning of 2014.

Meanwhile, the method of disposal, which was adopted by the management of the War Department as the main — subversion — make an unlimited number of problems. In 1-x, leads to the destruction of nature. For example, if a range of about undermine halftones explosive subsidence occurs. In 2-x, destroyed unlimited metal explosive that can be recycled and used for other purposes.

Yet, in recent years, according to the order of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, utilization ammunition by blasting was carried out by 65 military ranges, which carried a great danger not only to the environment, and people's lives, but there was a very "effective" based on the beliefs of the destroyed volumes. According to the views of the majority of professionals in this kind of work, under any circumstances, be allowed regular conscripts. Carry out demolition work should only master.

But the military government has decided, apparently, to save. So Makar, only in the past year 255 forces of subversive groups have been dismantled around 1.3 million tons of obsolete ammunition. To work attracted more than 1.5 thousand cars and machinery 12.5 thousand soldiers. On the arsenals and stockpiles were dismantled more than 148 thousand tons of ammunition. According D.Bulgakova for industrial processing of such shells would require about 2-10-s years.

Meanwhile, in warehouses and in the process of recovery is a disaster for disaster. Only in the last couple of years on the Russian military arsenals left about 20 explosions and fires. So, in November 2009 at the plant for disposal of ammunition in Ulyanovsk one week left two explosions. Then were dismissed four senior military personnel. In 2011, May 26, emergency incident happened near the Bashkir village Urman. Then 12 people were injured. In addition, 40 buildings were damaged, among which the single-storey and 12 residential units and two two-story barracks. The situation at the site for quite a long time remained tense, as the fragments of shells scattered in a radius of several kilometers. In the arsenal was kept around 100 thousand tons of ammunition caliber 120 and 152 mm.

The subsequent fire occurred on June 2 of that year, at the 102nd military arsenal, located near Izhevsk. The fire was accompanied by exploding shells. Then, about 100 people were injured.

PE occurred in 2012. So, first of May this year Mulinskom garrison, located in Nizhny Novgorod, in the process of unloading ammunition, which were to be disposed of explosion. Three fighter conscripts were injured, five — were killed.

In the middle of the same month of exploded ammunition depot in the village of Sungacha in Primorye. Forced the evacuation of about 2-thousand inhabitants nearby towns. According to the official disk imaging, one soldier was slightly wounded in the arm.

May 24 in the Astrakhan region Ashuluk range during unloading ammunition caught fire, which became a prerequisite for the explosion of ammunition. Then no injuries were reported, and the criminal case filed under "destruction of property by negligence."

May 28, all of the same in 2012, the Trans-Baikal region occurred at the site Tsugol explosion ammunition, which were transported by car KAMAZ. There were no injuries, and the criminal proceedings instituted for infringement of the rules of the proclamation of ammunition.

The following incident happened in late July near Novosibirsk. On the stretch of railway Chulym-lit Duplenskaya military train, which was carrying ammunition, designed for recycling. The fire was the premise of the explosion of the 1st of the cars. Victims and survivors at the official disk imaging was not. 5 cars were damaged.

Almost a subsequent day, July 26, in the Lipetsk aviation center at the site in the village of Pogonovo explosion during unloading ammunition. Killed two soldiers. According to the preparatory disk imaging, one of the shells in the works rolled and hit the shot PG-7 and detonated.

In addition, throughout August — September, it was recorded three explosions at munitions Donguzskaya landfill, which is located in the Orenburg region. First explosion occurred on August 30 when the work was carried out on the disposal of ammunition, two conscripts were injured by shrapnel. Next, September 4 at laying trench blown two soldiers conscripts, as was a small box with a depth of ammunition. And on September 13 suffered two more fighters during an unauthorized detonation.

But emergencies do not run out of here. On October 9, the same test site came three explosions, a prerequisite of which was a fire at the site of loading shells. Then exploded four thousand tons of ammunition, of which 400 tons — of bombs, about 1.3 thousand tons — 100 mm caliber shells and 2.3 thousand tons — 220-millimeter rockets of the "Hurricane." In this incident was a criminal case and very quickly found guilty. As recognized by one of the conscript soldier Alexander Kasatkin, he was smoking in the course of the work.

And it turns out similar every time there is a new explosion: the men smoking, which is not allowed, and the officers and non-commissioned officers are kept under control is not anything … Safety is not met, the shells are stored haphazardly, to the demolition work allowed unqualified people …

In Russia, the accumulated unlimited ammunition and guns, and get rid of expired samples so, and did not bother to learn. The government is unable to cope with the disposal of instruments wit
hout the help of others, but at the same time be removed from outside help, citing political reasons. So, namely, the Russian administration is planning to abandon the programs from the U.S. to eliminate ammunition own end-of-term storage, stating that he no longer needs financial assistance the United States and is fully capable of without the help of others to take care of all the costs of destruction of expired munitions arsenal. And all because the Russian side believes that in the framework of the programs from leaking disk imaging concept to America. With all of this, but recognizes the fact that, thanks to the American program there could save huge amounts of money, and in the Russian weapons program there means for disposal of obsolete munitions were not provided.

But if the military department will dispose of obsolete ammunition because it was made in all the above cases, where is the guarantee that nothing like this or even more terrible incident does not occur in the process of destruction of weapons unenforceable? ..

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