Our homeland scathingly slammed them as an instrument of U.S.

Russia scathing attack the U.S. with their own weaponRussian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the fate of the U.S. and Canadian protesters that came to protest in Chicago Montreal. Thus, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement which expressed concern about the ruthlessness of the measures taken against participants of the "Occupy Chicago" and student protests in Montreal.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov, the police USA and Canada, are dispersed, said the protest demonstration, used excessive force disproportionately peaceful disposition of street protests. Dolgov stressed that Russian diplomats seriously concerned about the use of acoustic cannons and other special equipment against protesters Yankees and Canadians.

Shares of a series of "Occupy …" held in the United States since September 2011. Protesters are demanding higher taxes for wealthier people in the country, as the termination of a phenomenon called the "cash terrorism."

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