Our homeland will create a new flying radar for 2016

Russia will create a new flying radar for 2016In Russia, a new plane will be created far airborne warning and control (AWACS) A-100. On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said Air Force Commander RF Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said. "There is full support for the Chief of Staff, financial support. By 2016, the need to make this car here and there to get the media 2013-2014", — said the commander in chief.

Development of antennas and radar for the new AWACS aircraft has been completed. "It is completely different than that of the A-50, with an active phased array. Aircraft will be able to solve puzzles by air and ground targets," — said Zelin. As a carrier for the new radar system will be used a modified military transport aircraft Il-476 with PS-90 engines. It will provide a huge range than standing in the Air Force A-50.

The first time that the Russian Federation will be created in the new plane AWACS, in September 2010, the General Director of concern "Vega" Vladimir Verba. "Vega" is developing a radar for new aircraft. According to Verba, one hundred percent new complex will be ready by 2015 and will be based on IL-76 or AN-124 "Ruslan". Development of the A-100 is in accordance with the presidential decree of 28 April 2004.

At the current time in service with the Russian Air Force AWACS aircraft are 26 A-50M based on the Il-76MD. The creation of aircraft engaged in Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev. A-50 is able to fly at speeds up to 800 km per hour at a distance of 7.5 thousand kilometers. Plane is capable of detecting different types of air and ground targets at ranges up to 650 and 300 km, respectively. With all this complex provides support for up to 300 targets.

At the current time the concern "Vega", together with the name of Beriev Beriev is modernizing the A-50M aircraft to the version of A-50U. The latter is a deep modernization of the AWACS aircraft with advanced radar system "Bee-M" and "Bumblebee-2." Compared with the basic A-50 new AWACS aircraft provides the acquisition of targets at a greater distance.

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