Our homeland will double the creation of missile systems

Russian army until 2020. will buy more than 1 thousand 300 new models of equipment and weapons, said at a meeting on the development of the defense industry in Votkinsk (Udmurtia) Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

According to him, for the creation of 220 of them will be the opening of new or expansion of existing industries, and the establishment of cooperation between civilians and defense businesses.

Russia will double the production of missile systems

"Obviously, all of our plans for the development of strategic offensive weapons and missile defense must be built on the basis of mandatory compliance with the new Russian-US START contract. This is the guarantee for stability and security in the world. At the same time I wish to note that these agreements allow for the modernization of offensive weapons and to prevent the lowering of their effectiveness, "- said Putin.

The Prime Minister said he had until 2020. under state programs from weapons will be allocated about 20 trillion rubles. "I believe that this is due," — identified premier-Minister of the Russian Federation. Putin added that a similar measure is related to the fact that the highest technology that will come in the defense industry complex, will work in the civilian sector.

Apart from this, the validity of these investment funds, according to the views of Prime Minister, confirmed by recent events in the world, where "simple decisions on the use of force, and the recent actions in Libya — Excess proof." "We are on time and reasonably make decisions to strengthen the defense of the Russian Federation", — concluded Putin

In Russia since 2013. be doubled to create missile systems "Yars", "Bulava", "Iskander-M". This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the development of the defense industry, which takes place in the Votkinsk (Udmurtia). Putin added that Russia will fully re-equipped missile defense (PVO). "All anti-aircraft missile regiments will receive a system S-400" Triumph "and complexes" Shell-C "- said premier.

He recalled that before 2020. the development and modernization of the Russian military-industrial complex in the state armament programs from planned to allocate more than 20 trillion. "Compared with the previous applets increase threefold. This is a very harsh for the RF resources are very great deal," — said Putin. According to him, the Russian armed forces are required to have not just the individual units with modern appliances, and a truly integrated, efficient group of forces in the Navy, the Army and in aviation.

The prime minister said the enterprise Russian military-industrial complex (MIC) required to have a level of profitability is not less than 15%. "This company's profitability should be ensured", — Putin singled out.

According to him, companies in this sector to modernize deeply. "We need to bring in the defense industry leading technology, promising cadres of managers, engineers and workers, and make a strong modern industrial base, capable to produce good-quality products strictly within the period specified in the contract, and at a reasonable price," — said premier.

He added that the municipal customer should do strictly with their obligations, just right to enter into contracts, not to delay the transfer fees and advances. Putin stressed that the branch has the potential for severe, as they say characteristics acquired in 2010., When the volume of production of military products increased by 13%.

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