Our homeland willing to lay hands on the Belarusian defense

Russia wants to lay hands on the Belarusian "defense"Management RF intends to control the scientific, technical and production potential military-industrial complex (MIC) of Belarus.

On the day or during the presidential debate Mitt Romney — rival Barack Obama in the presidential election — re-styled Russian "geopolitical enemy" of the U.S., repeating own comment, made in March of this year, according to the results of the presidential campaign in Russia.

As in times past, many analysts, including Russian (including Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of the magazine "Russia in Global Affairs"), these expressions are considered frivolous Romney inspired by nostalgia for the days of cool war.

But there are those who do not agree with that interpretation. They behold the signs that Vladimir Putin takes seriously the rhetoric of the Republican candidate for U.S. president.

So, in September, Putin, speaking to reporters, in an ironic tone Romney expressed gratitude for the clear and unequivocal statement of his own position. For that, "he reaffirmed the correctness of our approach to the dilemmas of missile defense."

The essence of this approach is still 23 November 2011 expressed the then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in a televised address to the proper management of the U.S. and NATO. He announced his intention to do complex asymmetrical measures of military and military-technical and diplomatic disposition in response to the deployment of parts of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe (Euro-ABM).

Almost Belarusian companies are already involved in the implementation of the military-technical measures response to European missile defense, Russian subcontractors supplying a number of basic devices for the production of goods of strategic missile complexes "Topol-M" and "Yars", also tactical "Iskander".

Namely, it is about a wheeled chassis of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant for launchers, machine maintenance, transport and loading vehicle of these complexes. In the same row are worth a special radio and optoelectronic equipment gallakticheskih of reconnaissance and target designation, electrical components, computers and software.

The proximity of the positions of Russia and Belarus in relation to European missile defense once again singled out October 23 in Moscow at a joint meeting of the Ministries of Defence 2-Head of Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

From his words, it follows that in the nature of a common defense policy has a decisive influence allies segodnyaschy international environment, and to a large extent — the deployment in Europe, despite Russian concerns, front-line state of U.S. missile defense.

But the interaction between Belarus and the Russian Federation, according to Anatoly Serdyukov, is not limited to the military sphere, and has a strategic nature in all areas of bilateral relations. In particular, you should understand and co-operation in the field of military-industrial complexes.

Note that once a metropolitan meeting of the joint board of defense ministries in Minsk held a meeting of the working group of the highest level of cooperation defense companies in Belarus and Russia. This group was created in March of the present year, almost immediately after the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election.

The importance that is assigned to the Kremlin cooperation with Belarus in the military-technical field, says even then the event that especially for the role in the working group of the Russian capital in the Belarusian arrived Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. In his charge is not only a defense order, but also the military, nuclear and gallakticheskaya industry also cooperation DIC with zabugornom countries.

The Belarusian government was represented by the first vice-premier Vladimir Semashko actually having similar capabilities. Opening the meeting, he noted that in the past since the collapse of the Russian Union of Belarusian manufacturers 20 years of military and dual-use products have made "great strides forward, having mastered the design and construction of sverhtehnologichny and mental models of weapons and military equipment, corresponding to the highest standards."

With all of this the majority of Belarusian enterprises in the sector as ever is aimed at Russia's "defense", so that the defense cooperation between enterprises of both countries is more spirited pace in comparison with other industries. Ongoing mutual supply of dual-purpose scheme for lightweight and domestic prices.

It is appropriate to give the information that on May 16 of this year, announced in Minsk Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus Igor Bykov at the Belarusian-Russian scientific-practical conference on Military-Technical Cooperation.

From his report, it appears that now the Belarusian defense industry holds a leading position in a number of ways. First, a series of sverhtehnologichny Innovative developments made on the basis of new information and communication technologies. Including a complex automation system to protect against high-precision weapons, fire control systems for armored vehicles.

In general, singled Igor Bykov, high-tech products in total exports of scientific organizations State Military Industrial Committee is now more than 25%, and the leading position in this sector holds tightly enterprise "Bearing", producing satellite equipment.

Together with those in the field of defense cooperation 2-states remain a number of problems. According to Vladimir Semashko, among the main — the presence of restrictions on the provision of Russian and Belarusian companies DIC criterion of equal access to municipal procurement of goods (works, services) for defense and security, including in the framework of the state defense order.

Some analysts see such restrictions create difficulties for Belarusian companies as a typical instrument of coercion management Belarus to transfer its defense plants in the large Russian military-industrial companies.

The absence of a coherent policy in the field of technical standardization of defense products also hampers cooperation. In this regard, according to Vladimir Semashko, the working group of the highest level tasked to prepare a package of measures to resolve the problematic issues to work out proposals for enhanced cooperation and integration communications companies DIC Belarus and RF.

Continuing the theme, Dmitry Rogozin, said that integration and industrial cooperation between Belarus and Russia are the subject of constant attention of the highest political control 2-states.

As said after the meeting in Minsk Vladimir Semashko, the parties agreed to establish a new intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation. Belorussian Deputy Prime Minister also noted the importance of promoting the development of new devices, cutting-edge developments. Principle and co-ordination of these directions: you can not, that research and development activities in duplicate.

In turn, it Russian Officer sent a special attention to the fact that fundamentally reached an agreement on the need for horizontal and vertical cooperation companies defense sectors of the economy of Belarus and Russia.

With all this, Dmitry Rogozin, found it necessary to emphasize that "industrial cooperation between enterprises of 2-connected not only to the acquisition of assets, share buy-backs." It can
exist between enterprises that maintain their independence, have a different form of ownership.

Coupled with the fact Rogozin said that Russian side seeks to work closely with enterprises of the Belarusian defense industry, namely, engineering companies and factories producing electrical components.

It is fair to say that a similar development meets the aspirations of the majority of managers and staff of these creatures Russian era. For their Russian "defense" — the main, and in some kinds of cases, and the only market.

According to the views of Dmitry Rogozin, currently managing Belarus and the Russian Federation in principle to make a suitable climate in order to "enterprises themselves found a more comfortable form of the compound," the purpose of which is to achieve a well-known scientific, technical and industrial results.

Guest did not hide that "Russian producers in the current time becomes interested in Belarusian" Integral ", MWTP," Peleng "MAZ …". From what is reasonable to conclude that our homeland by another method, or if you do not try to take full control of these giants, but at least take the greatest role in their management.

More precisely the intent of management of the Russian Federation regarding the use of defense abilities are seen in the statements of Belarus Dmitry Rogozin in his meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, held during the visit of Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government in Minsk.

"We are at the moment on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation launched a large volume of work in accordance with state armament program there, considering it's not only as strengthening the defense of the Russian Federation and its allies, but how severe the latest attempt to industrialize the country. And in this direction are reviewed huge reserves of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus ", — said Rogozin.

It seems that the modernization of the industrial potential of Russian self-control is not going to recover the lost ground after the collapse of the Soviet Union's defense and civilian enterprises, and to minimize their costs wishes to use the industrial potential of Belarus (including the acquisition of the property by its more advanced factories).

This, namely, the integration and unprecedented surge in activity after the Russian authorities to return Vladimir Putin to the presidency.

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