Owls — nocturnal hunters watch online

Owls - nocturnal hunters watch online
In the shadows, hiding the killer. These famous beings possess an incomparable force, attack silently and pierce the eye of darkness, inspiring fear and prejudice. But now, lurking around these creatures come true. For this, one a man who devoted all his life his own enthusiasm, travels around the world, he is trying to realize — as they have subjected themselves to the darkness. And why have chosen the most formidable land on our planet. The National Geographic Society will make the company filmmaker Fergus thrashed, which removes a movie about a bird from a young age, it excites the imagination. These fierce warriors — owl winged killer incomparable celestial hunters. From sunset to sunrise, they hover in the night sky, quiet cruise with rare ghost hunting skills. The finest hearing allows them to distinguish from afar weak carefree mouse squeak. One has only to object hunt quietly rustling — and sensitive owl soars skyward, attacking the victim with dazzling accuracy. We'll see rare footage, wonderful talents of these elusive predators, among which fish owl She sang, hunting in the rivers teeming Aligator Kruger Park (South Africa), and a huge Potto, nightjar in camouflage classroom, located in the forests of Venezuela. Thanks to the technique of thermal imaging and other ultramodern manipulation we can get acquainted with the habits and the invisible world of owls, as it was not possible yet not a single person.


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