PBX for the office: a new concept on the comfortable and efficient business

Noise and constant breakdowns of calls, the inability to properly negotiate with partners and endless showdown with the telephone company — that's the set of "pleasure", with which we regularly encounter office use standard phone lines.

Another thing — the organizations that have long shown telephone PBX. Their main advantage — the ability to convert CO lines in the line of general use, multi-channel and a huge range of possibilities for setting up programs for telephone equipment. It is these stations will allow you to split all subscribers into groups according to the level of importance.

Thus, a crucial partner, a company lawyer or accountant general, always dial up sitting in the office staff, to that department, which is necessary and will not be forced to wait endlessly dial a number and hear a short beep. Another plus — the release of telephone lines that are no longer loaded by internal negotiations. It means that your partners from other cities will not be difficult to get through to you even in the most "hot" jobs.

In addition, deciding finally set PBX petersburg Does your work place or a small town in the province, you will be able to provide reliable communications to each employee at his workplace. The need to run to the telephone on the desk of a colleague or on a pedestal in the main hall, now cease to spoil the mood of your employees. With modern PBX office telephone number of points can be anything, and it does not depend on the number of entangling your office wiring. In this case, the quality of the connection will be canceled.

And, of course, do not forget about the mass of extra features that make small PBXs so attractive. One of them — the organization of incoming calls on a "secretary-director," when a call is automatically accepted by the secretary, and then be forwarded to the Director, notifying him or without. No less popular opportunity establishing a quality conference. It is good and the ability to work on multiple lines, even with the most basic phones. And to work with clients simplifies function of group receiving a call, when it is sent not one, but several employees. And this is not all that you will appreciate a small but comfortable office automatic telephone exchange.

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