People are forced to give up tobacco. And from meat

Following the sharp rise in prices for motor fuel in Belarus rose significantly meat and tobacco. On Wednesday, the increased marginal maximum selling prices for pork by 10 percent. Cigarettes rose by half. Regional correspondents of "Freedom" visited the shops and markets where listened to opinions and estimates of buyers.

Gomel Oblast

"We began, the children of the war, the life of poverty that and finish"

Company store Gomel farm-factory "SOG", which specializes in growing pigs, today surprised pensioners and housewives their prices for meat.

Says a pensioner who was called Larissa Stepanovny:

"It is still not bought. Looked — the price scares: 27,000 per kilogram, 33 thousand — a good pork. Well, it was the twenty-fourth Expensive, of course. I do not know for whom, and for me 3000 rubles — this is a lot since I retired. "

Pensioner — is not the only visitor to the shop, who decided not to buy pork at the new price. With empty hands leaves company store and a young mistress:

"No, nothing is bought — all expensive. Prices are very grown up. We have long been in the prices of all surprises. "

Soon, something will be — maybe a riot?

From now on much more expensive and cigarettes. Permanent smoker Ivan, who works as a loader at the grocery store on the main street of the city, said that they had Arm yourself:

«Lucky strike» is already 10,000. And all the other varieties of rose. I have long zakupivsya, bought 15 units. I knew the price of everything will rise. Bought a lot of things. Wages are not rising, and prices have risen. Seniors come to the shop and very much rage and clamor. Each day comes goods — and every day a new price. New, fresh and new. Even sunflower seeds, a small package now costs 12,000, and the cost — 7. Soon, soon, something will be — a riot. "



"Help — funny, and prices — offensive …"

In Mogilev, with an increase in the price of meat on the counter has not increased. In some stores of raw meat at all. In the windows — it is empty.

Specialized stores with empty meat trays've seen in one of the sleeping areas of Mogilev. On the shelves of which are set out dozens of varieties of sausages and ham. The vendors on the question of why such a poor choice of meat products react nervously. Declare that they have in the store is all right. Buyers supposedly they do not complain.

Communicate with customers in the stores are not allowed.

The reaction of people on the rise in the cost of meat is equally negative. Ms. elderly, responding to a reporter, broke down and cried.

Reporter"But now the price of meat increased by 10 percent. How much do it for you? . "

Mrs."For me — a lot, because I — a pensioner. A small pension. Added after only thirteen percent. And the prices — is that only one meat. Yet grown. Barley was 6400, and before 1200 was. What is there left to pensioners? Just cry. "

What is there left to pensioners? Just cry.

Reporter"Do not pay attention, or become more meat products?".

Mrs."No.. To meat lying there — it's not there. More he was gone. "

A woman comes out of the store with the baby in the stroller. She was asking about the same thing — the high cost of meat. The answer she begins with the phrase: "Ten per cent — it's too much?".

"That's how I'm a mom on maternity leave. Assistance is a state that is funny. Course, have to cut back. Ll have to cut back, not just meat assortment."

Next, who had a chance to talk — a middle-aged gentleman. Problems with money, as he admitted, he does not, however, ten percent increase in the price of meat, he believes — is too much:

"If it was one meat, it may be small, but given the recent rise in price — it's too much."

One of the market women still agreed to answer: "Why is the meat selection became poor? '. She, however, did not agree with the fact that the meat was less than:

"As it was, indeed. People began to disassemble it very quickly. People are worried, perhaps, why make out. "

Vitebsk Region

"The growth of prices end-edges are not visible"

The impressions of a visit to the store after a rise in price of shares Galina from Orsha:

"Oh, this is better not to speak. And do not think about it, because the end-edge in sight! All that I do not eat meat! I eat radishes and lettuce from his garden, and in general all Andrei Tur said that "we must live within our means!" (Laughs). No, as it's disgusting! "

Activist Avtukhov The town asked the district center of the new prices on cigarettes. The problem arose prices very sharply, as the product of the domestic tobacco production, he does not use:

"They stink so I sovetchinoy, past kislyatsinay, stagnation … So I acquired a "Kent", and today it is already 6000. That's chickens! . "

On the prospect of stop smoking Mr. Avtukhov says this:

"Maybe we would have to give up … But in order to quit smoking, you need to reset the tension in the community, this concern — when you know what is happening and what will happen next! Therefore, in today's Belarus can not quit smoking. And prices are rising and will continue to grow. And people are angry, very angry, so it's already done dangerous, that's it. "

Local authorities are not allowed to publicly discuss the economic situation

Avtukhov filed in Gorodok Executive Committee statement on the picket to discuss with fellow countrymen difficult economic situation. There was one goal: to gather signatures for the resignation of the government, which is unable to cope with the outbreak of the problems. But local authorities activist refused.

Ms. Angela from Novopolotsk says that the government can force their measures to persuade the population to a healthier lifestyle, but self-respect will not be able to force:

"I buy a couple of chops, and not every day. But that was before 20,000, now 35, and so every day as prices rise. Now there's less meat will — is power, maybe so concerned about our health, our beauty … A horror … But let them remember that from this loyalty in our heads will not increase. "

Grodno region

"People will go hungry"

Our reporter figured out the mood of buyers and sellers in Grodno, what they think about the rise in the cost of meat and cigarettes?


Reporter"We're in Grodno at the Central Market, it reminds Komarovka Minsk, under the big dome half of the seats occupied by rows of meat. Pointeresuemsya before in the traders themselves — or buy their meat? . "

Tradeswoman"Very bad take meat, long ago, people have no money. We have increased the purchase price, we also increased slightly. Per kilogram of live weight — eight thousand. And the meat itself? Yes different prices. Pork: shoulder, back, fileyka. Here's the back — 19000, blade — too. The most expensive — fileyka: 26,000. Total. The store thirty-two thousand already, they say. "

Trader"Some are sold in a day, you see — people do not, what can I say. At the weekend the same thing, people now travel the country, the holidays. And where they are — money! . "

Another vendor, "It is not bad at all, have brought the country to the bone. Soon people will begin to starve at all. After the war, live better, really, than it is now live. Such procurement: they say that reduce, and nothing decreases. Not true, nothing is frozen, on the contrary, increase prices, and every day. "

A visitor of the store is interested in the price of lard. Per kilogram — eleven thousand and twelve. Decides not to buy:

I would like to buy bacon at least ten thousand.

"I would like to buy bacon at least ten thousand. I have no idea, but it might be cheaper in the store. But there was no ".

Reporter"So they say that the store is more expensive, it's the beef."

A customer"I do not know …".


Reporter"I have decided to ask the Grodno residents who smoke, what they think about the price increase on cigarettes. First I saw a girl standing on the street and smoke. "

Girl"Probably, I'll throw, because with such prices now profitable to buy. Work only on cigarettes goes. At the moment it's "Alliance" as far as I know, the Grodno tobacco factory. Just yesterday they were worth 1,250 rubles, in my opinion. How much will they cost today — I do not know. I will tie … . "

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