Person relinquished the third eye. For sleep

And some animals kept this relic

Tuatara — a priceless treasure for scientists because it is — one of the oldest reptile in the world this type of about 225 million years. Leaving only a few islands of New Zealand. It is a living fossil that looks like a lizard, recalls the time when four-legged turned into turtles, lizards, crocodiles and dinosaurs. Since then, it has not changed, and therefore makes it possible to judge how it would look like "contemporaries," writes

Samon remarkable — this animal has education at the top of the head, which looks like a third eye. He — the eye — it helps to look up and back.

The parietal eye is not delve into the skull, as regular eyes. Instead, the bulge is formed, under which developed two symmetrical areas of the brain. They acquire different functions: the left is the parietal eye, and the right — the pineal bag. Reptiles parietal eye perceives light and pineal bag releases melatonin — a hormone that regulates sleep cycles.

People instead of pineal sac, located near the eye at the top of the head, there is the pineal gland, which is at the bottom next to the rest of the brain. It also produces melatonin and many other hormones, which are aimed at regulating the neurological processes (the most famous of them — serotonin). Serviceable pineal gland makes people focused and happy, makes waking up in the morning and go to sleep at night, and in some measure to prevent neural degeneration, inevitable with age. Apparently, this is the reason why our ancestors gave up the third eye — for healthy sleep, happy and full of the psyche.


The ancient philosophers believed the polls in the third eye and felt his body due to the higher powers. Were convinced that, thanks to his ability to get elected for clairvoyance, and many other people — great intuition (see "KP" here).

Leonardo da Vinci, who seriously studied anatomy and dissected many corpses, stated, in the human mind is connected with the eyes special spherical zone. And one of them — the "camera common sense" — is home to the soul, is responsible for communication with God.

In the East, during the sacred rites between his eyebrows still draw the eye or a point. It simulates a window, through which enters the flow of cosmic energy.

The head of the statue of the Buddha is often decorated with precious stones in the brow center. The third eye is found even in the Great Sphinx in Egypt.

Extra "hole" in the skull is at our smaller brothers. For example, the living in New Zealand tuatara lizard, managing to survive for 200 million years, in a small orbit under the transparent film is a real eye. In extinct reptiles additional eye was located on top of the head. Proof — preserved fossilized skull fossils.

Svetlana Kuzina

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