PF: warships are not involved in the death of whales in Primorye

According to RIA Novosti, the crews of warships of the Pacific Fleet (PF) is not implicated in the deaths of three whales Minka, carcasses in the last three weeks were found on the shores of southern Primorye, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday spokesman Commander of the Pacific Fleet Captain First Rank Roman Martov.

He denied reports of several Russian electronic media, which claim that the sea giants died in the Pacific Fleet naval exercises, which made bombing, rocket and artillery fire.

The first five-meter whale carcass was found May 31 on the bay Anna. Sixth of June deceased whale length of 3 meters found in the vicinity of the city of Nakhodka in the pediatric country camp "Antaris". Three days later, near the same camp on the shore of Fox Island, found the carcass of a four-meter whale.

"The last live-fire exercises in the Peter the Great Bay, where they found the bodies of whales, the fleet conducted in late April — early May. Were used to fire non-exploding projectiles. Next two months, Pacific Fleet exercises in the sea was not performed. Sonar warships all this time does not work on radiation, "- said the source.

According to him, the powerful sonar is not only on military ships but also on fishing vessels. Peter the Great Bay fished dozens of fishing boats, "but no one is accusing the fishermen in the deaths of whales," — said the captain.

Earlier research fellow Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch (FEB RAS) Vladimir Melnikov, told RIA Novosti said the death of several whale carcasses that were found on the coast of Primorye near Nakhodka — a natural phenomenon, not a sign of deterioration of the ecology in the Gulf of Peter the Great.

He noted that the exact number of Mink whale population wintering in the Gulf of Peter the Great, is unknown, but is likely to reach about 10 thousand. The fact that some of these animals are killed in the winter — a natural phenomenon. In the spring of their body emits to the beaches. According to him, every year in the Maritime region is on the shore a few carcasses of whales.

The scientist believes that, even if found several dead whales — it may not mean anything, because such a — single phenomenon. It is possible that a change of course the wind, and those carcasses that were previously drowned this year washed ashore.

At the same time, not all scientists share this view. As journalists earlier Doctor of Geological Sciences, has been studying the sea areas of Primorye, Yuri Naumov, whale deaths may be linked to the influence of sonar on the marine environment of the person.

According to him, in the eastern sector of the Gulf of Peter the Great "is a lot of vessels with powerful sonar system, work has an impact on the marine environment." He believes that "because these whales to panic and beaching."

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