Pole's Card against the trumps of the House of Representatives

The Constitutional Court of Belarus will examine the Polish law on the "map of the Pole." The judges appreciate how it corresponds to the generally recognized principles and norms of international law. The reason for this was an appeal to the Court of the House of Representatives.

Tonight at the last plenary meeting of the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives MPs voted to appeal to the Constitutional Court. They do not mind that the Polish law on Map Pole will review the court of another country — Belarus.

Such right of the Belarusian Constitutional Court does have said, "Freedom", the former first deputy chairman of the bench Valery Fadeev:

"This right to the Constitutional Court by presidential decree given. This decree number 14 of 2008. There just refers to the right (or duty) of the Constitutional Court to express the idea of regulations, including those of other states, if they affect the interests of the Republic of Belarus, for their compliance with international standards. "

The head of the International Committee of the House of Representatives Igor Karpenko, who initiated the discussion, said that, in his opinion, the law divides the part of the people of Belarus to the good and bad, and that it can affect the stability of our society.

The Law on "Pole's Card", which was accepted without consulting the Belarusian side, contrary to the principles uzaemasusedtva and mutual respect among nations.

"Personally, I have no doubt that the law of the Republic of Poland on" Pole's Card ", which was accepted without considering the opinion of the Belarusian side, uzaemasusedtva and contrary to the principles of mutual respect between nations. It is discriminatory and citizens of one state shared by the owners of the "Polish Card" eligible for benefits, and those who do not receive any benefits. "

Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian authorities of the unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus Mieczyslaw Yaskovich, on the contrary, are convinced of the law "Pole's Card" to anyone in Belarus does not interfere. And the faces of the recognized authorities of the Union may also obtain such a card:

"And no one does not share. If they want to be the Poles, then go to the consulate, will speak Polish, they know the culture and traditions of our people, will get a card. No there is no problem.

And what is being done? I think that if there is nothing to interest new people, then pull out the old as the hills — divide and conquer. Belarusians themselves the most offended people in the house.

Belarusians themselves the most offended people in the house.

So do not scare us, do not talk about the offended. Someone wants us to roll again. And that we have ever held. "

What could be the legal consequences, if the Constitutional Court of Belarus to decide that Polish law does not meet the generally recognized principles and norms of international law, I asked Mr. Fadeev.

"Just no consequences can not be here. But it concerns human rights. And if there are any questions, Our country will see that there is a contradiction with international instruments in the field of human rights, it is likely that can be appeal to the United Nations, Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. But even if we appeal to the international organizations, the need to show how this applies to Belarus, its state interests. "

During the discussion on the "map of the Pole" in the House of Representatives was made that such a map has more than 14.5 thousand people, and that is living in Belarus 400,000 ethnic Poles.

Polish Card— This document confirming belonging to the Polish people. Owner Card of the Pole has rights under the law "On the Pole's Card", which was adopted by the Seimas of the Republic of Poland September 7, 2007.

"Pole's Card" has the right to get the person who does not have Polish citizenship or permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland and, moreover, said to belong to the Polish people and fulfill the obligations arising from the Act.

To get the card you need to have the Polish language at a basic level, the Poles have relatives or those who have Polish citizenship (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather). The card is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance and receipt of an application is extended for the next 10 years.

The card holder is entitled to receive long-term multiple-entry visa for a stay in the territory of Poland and legally work there without a work permit, entrepreneurs along with Polish citizens, followed by rail with a 37-percent discount.



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