Preparing for the WTO. Opportunities weight!

On amendments to the law "On the development of agriculture" offset 35% of the, spent for the purchase of machinery and equipment required for modernization. Modernization authors of the amendment interpreted broadly — From energy conservation to increase yield and preservation of the natural environment. According to estimates of Deputies, in 2013, the budget should lay for these purposes 14 billion rubles., 2014-2015. — 42 billion rubles. (Babkin jumping for joy) The payment of compensation and the list of vehicles that qualify for compensation, will establish a government.

Half of the bills — Amendments to the Tax Code. In 2013, farmers have not switched to the single agricultural need to lose a zero tax rate on profits: Up to 2015 it will be 18% and then — total 20%. MPs propose to stretch the privilege to 2016., and the period at the rate of 18% — up to 2020 measure, according to the calculations of Deputies, will leave the business has 1.7-2.5 bln. year. Exempt from income tax any subsidies (up to 16 billion rubles. only for fuel and lubricants this year) and grants (up to 7 billion rubles.) Peasant farms and private farmers. And import VAT to 2018 not be subject to import breeding stock, eggs, semen and embryos of animals. Another draft law introduces the concept of "unfavorable region for agriculture. " WTO rules allow the government to provide support to such regions. The official said the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry will propose to recognize the disadvantaged regions, where the level of profitability in agriculture is lower than the industry average. "Under this criterion falls almost half of the agricultural regions"- Worker notices a major industry association.

Regional authorities propose to allow deputies to suspend federal laws: for example, to change the date of transfer of markets and pavilions in the capital structure. Under the current provision of law agricultural markets must be rebuilt to 2015 estimates of Deputies, it threatens the closure of 43,000 regional markets.

Also propose to allow regional authorities without bidding to provide farmers to lease land plots derived from unclaimed land shares. Now there are about 22 million of the 402.3 million hectares of agricultural land, according to the explanatory note.

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