Previously, the money was enough for the car, now — only on duty

The State Customs Committee of Belarus confirmed its intention to increase from 1 July 2011 to the Russian level duties on vehicles imported from outside the Customs Union. According to experts, the fee may increase4-6 times. In practice this means that the so-called "customs clearance" is compared with the average price of cars. So, after July 1, the total amount of fees for cars up to 3 years with an engine capacity of 1400 cubic centimeters jump 840 euro up to 3500. As the market has reacted to this?

The capital's crowded car market cars of different brands and ages. Special revitalization another statement of officials has not caused, as the decision to raise "customs clearance" for individuals was announced late last year. However, many car owners admit that they "just" case 200-300 dollars to the old one threw.

Hope, as they say, especially at the "Spring Fever", when people traditionally updates the private car park, as well as the activity of the Russians. Because of the more significant differences in customs Payment those in a hurry to buy cheap cars in Belarus. Says one of the ferry pilots:

"Yes, Russian cars take. NOT mass arrests, but there are buyers. They go even specifically on the ads. It happens that does not rotate in a strange place, a night on the outskirts of the city zaedut, the car looked kind of — not exactly pimped — and on the hands. Snip, snip, newsletters, took the car — and drove off. And everyone is happy. Well, plus the entire spring season begins, here even without high expectations importation of the people should retract. "

An interest in the Belarusian market, mainly from residents of the Caucasus region of Russia, speaks autodealer Maxim. On He said, Belarusians zatavarylisya beyond measure in the last year, when there was a mad panic in connection with the announced intention to raise the level of Russian customs clearance:

"I've just been to the traffic police, then to the renewal of the documents — the whole crowd. In the solid line from the Caucasus. In the spring, I think, this activity will be more. So in this sense will be able to sell something. Another thing that will continue after July? Who is for that kind of money will buy? "

One of the Russians said that the more expensive the car, the more you can save. At the capital's auto market, "robin", he for 12 thousand dollars bought "Lexus" class "Seda", which is east of the Urals is about 20,000:

"In the comparative prices in the Russian cars, of course, more expensive than in Belarus. Probably percent30-40. In addition to customs clearance in Russia car 250 horsepower is subject to significant tax. Contain such a vehicle difficult. Therefore, demand for cars is just such a "frontier" that is to be close to 250 horsepower, but no higher. As an example, "Subaru Legacy" new years — 2005-06-th. In this model, just 244 horsepower. "

Experts estimate that the new tariffs in four or more times greater than the former. For example, if you take a used car age 3-5 years, with an engine capacity of 2000 cubic centimeters, the rate will increase from 0.4 euros to 2.7 euros. Accordingly, the amount of duty will increase from 800 euros to 5,400 euros. And this is the price at which to buy is not really the worst car.

However, an auto analyst Ivan Shpak did not rule out that the Belarusian authorities to July can still make a kind of move. He recalled that the agreement to increase the road toll given in return for the promise of duty-free oil supplies from Russia. However, neither the past nor This year, cheap raw materials in Belarus have not swam:

"You know our country, there may one day retroactively change any question. Everything will be in place until July 1, so really nothing has been decided. Compared to the "zhoram" on the car, which was at the end of 2009, the movements are not. People, I'm sorry, "nazherlisya." But then the only legal entities dropped through the floor, physically, all left. Where is the guarantee that something will not happen again now? The situation may develop in different ways! After all, in the past year was bustle of commercial art, when the ban began to introduce fees for individuals. Actually it was a lot of uncertainty. For example, all looking forward to seeing prime ministers of the three countries in St. Petersburg, kept his hand on the pulse, no one was buying. There's nothing decided, again the people hung. And not surprising, people still wondering — will raise taxes yet or will not increase? "

Although the agreement on the Customs Union came into force on 1 January 2010, a protocol was signed on temporary seizure. In particular, Belarus before 1 July 2011 remain in their own interests in relation to duties on cars. Russia prior to the ratification of agreements on a common economic space reserved the sole right to interpret the agreement in the oil sector.


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